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Published: 2022-02-18


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Electric heaters use electric energy as energy, and heat the human body mainly through hot air convection and heat radiation. Among them, the baseboard electric heater, the electric oil heater, the fan heater, the European-style fast heating furnace, and the electric fireplace are heated by air circulation convection, and the small sun is heated by infrared radiation.


Analysis of the current situation of the electric heater industry

The foreign heater model is mature and pays attention to the value of the enterprise, and the domestic counterparts have huge market space to increase online sales. Most of the domestic and foreign heater companies are companies with commercial prospects, and they are committed to providing them with resources that were lacking in the early stage of growth to help them achieve rapid growth in commercial value. From the perspective of the development stage of the industry, the foreign electric heater market is mature and has an advanced business model with a high degree of concentration; the industrial structure of the domestic heater industry needs to be upgraded. From the perspective of market space: the North American heater market is difficult to grow, domestic Internet dividends are superimposed on consumption upgrades, and the market capacity is huge. From the perspective of channels: the most mature US market is still dominated by brand sales, while various domestic channels are complicated, online sales are rapidly increasing, and some rely on subsidies and revenue.


China's heater industry is in its infancy, and resource integration and profitability are in urgent need of breakthroughs. The heating appliance industry has the characteristics of broad market space, wide sales range, scattered users, and large differences in sales unit prices. At present, in terms of business models of China's heater industry, part of it presents the characteristics of "heater e-commerce", using the Internet as a supplementary means of marketing channels; and providing low-priced products can only solve the shallow industry pain points. The Internet and the upstream and downstream resources of the heater industry are integrated to provide consumers with money-saving, time-saving and physiological services in the form of "low-price package + service commitment + process monitoring". In the future, the profitability of the heater industry is mainly based on its ability to integrate resources of all parties and creative transaction flow.


Electric heater development trend

The younger users make the product experience more important. In the heater industry, more and more users pay more attention to the industry and put forward more needs and suggestions, so meeting user needs will be the foundation of the industry.


The urbanization rate has increased and the Internet has been further popularized. In recent years, the heater industry has transformed from the traditional model to the Internet integration model. As major platforms in the industry tap and sink into third- and fourth-tier cities, enterprises integrate all links from supply to production to after-sales, and take industrial empowerment as a link to provide many high-quality companies with brands, designs, systems, and supply chains. All-round support.


The Internet of Things and smart technologies are increasingly used in heating equipment. The new technology scene of the heater industry enables industry users to get a better experience. The technical blessing makes the service effect and products of the industry favored by users. The emergence of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence has provided a new thinking space for industry standardization. By adding new technologies to the process of industry production and service, it can better solve industry pain points and problems and ensure industry service effects. , to achieve the double improvement of industry efficiency and user experience.



Analysis of the overall scale of global electric heaters

In 2020, the global electric heater market sales reached USD 2,662.1 million and is expected to reach USD 3,159.5 million in 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.26% (2021-2027). In the next few years, the industry will have great uncertainty. The forecast data for 2021-2027 in this article is based on the historical development of the past few years, the opinions of industry experts, and the opinions of analysts in this article.



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