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Reports at Special Prices

Are you looking out for market research material at a reasonable price? You are in the right place. QY Research is offering special prices for students, non-profitable organizations and educational institutions including colleges and universities on their purchases of market research industry reports. This exciting offer is just a few clicks away. We provide a range of reports covering different industries, markets, and countries at best affordable price.

We at QY Research wish to increase student’s interest and to train them with the subject matter, which would assist them in their studies and research. QY Research provides attractive special prices on services to students and educational institutions if they provide valid identification documents to the customer care.

Our exclusive research reports help students in gathering both present and historical information on various industries and markets right from consumer goods and food & beverages to healthcare, and services & software. QY Research offers a balanced and comprehensive analysis of the different markets rather than just providing numbers taken from secondary research. Our research analysts are knowledgeable and are frequently represented national as well as international conventions.

Student Offer

Student Offer

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Academic Institute Offer

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Non Profit Organization Offer

We Offer Lucid Reports For Students

QY Research is one stop solution for students. Our research reports are specifically beneficial for the students from business schools. We offer a conducive platform to students and are committed to provide them an in-depth analysis of the various industries with the help of primary research, secondary research and with the usage of various statistical tools. Our reports are extremely easy to understand and have written in a lucid language.

All the reports we provide are ranging between 100 and 500 pages in length and consist of graphs, charts, tables, expert views and detail insights on the topics. The industries we cover at QY Research are healthcare, automobile & transportation, internet and communication, electronics and semiconductor, agriculture, services and software and many more.

Are You an Academic Institution ?

The market research reports we provide is a helpful tool for academic institutions whether universities or private institutions, all the educational institutions use research products for a variety of reasons. QY Research is concerned about the valuable time of our clients and therefore we are offering syndicate market research reports at a special price. These reports will not only save the time of faculties and the staff working in the research department but also save their money that they spend on primary research.

We are offering syndicated market research reports, which are easy to understand and are cheaper than what other market research companies are offering you. Our exclusive report covers the topics in detail which help our clients to get a dashboard view of the market. College and university libraries and business schools will be greatly benefited by this offer by providing a comprehensive database to their faculties and students.

We Made It Simple For You

Are you a small non-profitable organization which is not having its own market research consultants? Do not worry. QY Research is offering you a special price on your purchase of each market research industry report. What you have to do is just visit our website and click on ‘Buy Now’ to get your required copy of the report.

Our reports consist of in-depth information about top players in the market, surveys, segmental and geographical analysis, and market dynamics. We assure you that our all-inclusive market research industry reports will help you in growing your business in no time.

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