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Inheriting Chinese Culture and Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival

As Dragon Boat Festival is near, QYResearch, a company that focuses on cultural heritage and employee unity, celebrated this traditional festival in a unique way so that every employee can feel the warmth of home and the joy of reunion.

On 7, Jun, the company held some colorful activities to promote Chinese traditional culture and enhance emotional exchanges among employees. These include:

Traditional culture experience: We invited professional teachers to conduct Chinese traditional culture experience activities, including inserting mugwort, appreciating sachets, etc. Through these activities, employees can have a deeper understanding of the cultural connotation of the Dragon Boat Festival and feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture.
Jun1.jpg (76 KB)

Holiday Gift Giving: The company carefully prepares holiday gifts for each employee to express gratitude and blessings to them and share the joy of the festival together.
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JUN3.jpg (144 KB)

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of China and also a part of our company culture. On this beautiful day, let us jointly promote traditional culture and celebrate the reunion festival!

I wish you all a healthy and happy Dragon Boat Festival!

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