Market Research on Sparkling Water Machines: Analysis of Industry Consumer Demand and Development Prospects in 2023


Published: 2023-02-21


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Bubble water machine is a machine used to make sparkling water, which belongs to the home appliance industry. It has long been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and China is only popular in open and developed places such as Taiwan. It is relatively rare in mainland China. In the past two years, it has emerged as a healthy and environmentally friendly product, and the market saturation is not high.


China's bubble water machine first appeared in the Chinese market in 2012. As of June 2015, but for more than three years, the domestic bubble water machine business is still in the nascent stage of development, with a high market growth rate and rapid demand growth. The changes are large, but the market potential is unlimited and needs to be developed urgently.


Factors affecting the future demand for domestic bubble water machine products include: downstream markets, policies, product prices, etc. The development of the downstream market is the driving force for the growth of demand in the bubble water machine industry, and the vigorous development of the water purification industry will be the main driving factor for the demand for bubble water machine products.


When policies support the development of bubble water machines, the market size will expand; otherwise, it will relatively shrink. Product price is also a factor affecting the demand of the bubble water machine industry. bubble water machines are expensive, and the increase in product prices will prompt the field of demand for bubble water machines to strengthen the research and development of other products, thereby reducing the dependence on and demand for bubble water machine products.


Due to the high water cost of portable bubble water machines, household bubble water machines are common in the market, and household bubble water machines account for more than 75%. China's bubble water machine market is concentrated in East China, South China, and North China, and the market size accounts for more than 50% of the national market. However, with the rise of central China, the economic growth of western regions, and the improvement of residents' consumption levels, the central and central regions of China's bubble water machine market are potential development areas.


China's bubble water machine industry will further open up. With the further liberalization of industry access and the penetration of related components by foreign manufacturers using technology output channels, the industry will gradually face the competitive pressure of foreign leading bubble water machines. increase.


Health is the number one factor that Chinese people consider when choosing beverages. The bubble water machine is convenient and quick to make drinks, and can replace various carbonated drinks, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. Through physical pressurization, food-grade carbon dioxide is injected into drinking water, and the solution of carbon dioxide dissolved in water is sparkling water.


In terms of the production process of artificial sparkling water, although there are bubble water machines on the market, they are only suitable for household use. Pure natural mineral water, a kind of natural bubble water, is often priced at high-end products. The sparkling water produced by adding bubbles with mechanical equipment will have a broad market prospect.


In the past two years, with the help of Internet celebrity planting grass and the health concept of "0 sugar, 0 calories and 0 fat", sparkling water has successfully entered the field of vision of young people, so that it has become a popular drink.


In 2021, sparkling water will gradually enter a stable period in the market. Traditional beverage giants with numerous factories and production lines entered the market and began to upgrade sparkling water from a new perspective, including removing preservatives such as potassium sorbate, creating a purer flavor, and focusing on advanced technology and technology in beverage production.


According to relevant reports, among the people who buy sparkling water in 2021, the proportion of women is as high as 70%, which shows that female consumers pay more attention to the concept of health when choosing drinks.


From the perspective of the age group of sparkling water buyers, the post-95 generation has grown into the absolute main force of sparkling water consumption, accounting for nearly 50%. Data shows that users under the age of 34 account for 72.99% of the total number of sparkling water consumers in 2021.


Whether it is based on the introduction of a fully automatic aseptic production line based on a self-built factory, or the rapid entry into the market under the OEM model of OEM, the differentiation of the production process of beverages such as fruit juice and sparkling water not only forms a competitive advantage for enterprises, but also brings benefits to consumers. Come to more diversified choices, but also put forward new demands for the bubble water machine industry.


Flavored sparkling water with good appearance, good taste, various flavors and healthier has gradually become a new favorite in the food and beverage market in recent years. Under the two mainstream production modes and different production processes, there is a higher demand for the performance and quality of beverage machinery and food machinery. With the rapid development of this new blue ocean, it may also bring bubbles The innovation and development of the water machine industry go hand in hand.


With the enhancement of public health awareness, the market size of sugar-free beverages will further maintain its growth momentum. It is expected to double in the next five years and increase to 22.74 billion yuan in 2025, which also proves that more and more people have realized sugar reduction. importance. It is foreseeable that in the beverage market, health enhancement, taste innovation and functionality will usher in development opportunities in 2022.

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