Changing Future of Investing Money

Nibedita Chanda

Nibedita Chanda

June 3, 2019
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As the world of business is changing with innovative ideas and technological advancements, the nature of investments is also changing its face. A few years ago, investments were done in an old-school way, which has witnessed rapid transformation and experts predict it will change even more drastically in the coming days.

Before beginning the discussion on the future of investing money, it is important to weave the safety net and not being carried away. The money market is very tumultuous, characterized by gaining and losing big bucks. Thus, it is very important to take the necessary steps to invest in a more mature and calculated way. Before cracking an investment, one needs to concentrate on one key element and that is 'security'. Thus the President of Capital One Investing, Yvette Butler said that "We really encourage people to have six months of savings first."

Some of the Investment Ideas:

"Invest in the stock market" is some of the most common advice one can ever hear. This raises the question, how can this be in an innovative or futuristic idea? The answer is, in our point of view, it is not a cliched but a classic method of investing money. A number of new ideas can come and get trashed within a few years creating more risk to your investment, but the stock market was there, and it is still ruling the world creating a safe zone for the investors.

However, there are certain rules or rather smart ways to invest in stock. Few factors, such as to invest when the market is high and buy fewer shares when the market is low are some of them. Invest in different companies without being dependent on a few companies, as the gain or loss can create havoc to your investment. Colorado financial advisor David Henderson of Jenkins Wealth has always suggested investing in a number of stocks to avoid dependency.

Peer-to-Peer Lending is a great place to stash some of the extra cash. It's a unique way of investing in other people's business and their goals. The peer-to-peer lending has been acknowledged as an alternative to the stock market for a few reasons. For example, here the companies make it easy to sign up and get started, the rate of return can range from 5%-7% for safer as well as for riskier loans and most importantly one can start with a minimal amount as $1,000.

Another very futuristic alternatives to cash today is cryptocurrency. It started with the introduction of Bitcoin and these new currencies are quick to gain appreciation in the market. It is undoubtedly one of the more ambitious and interesting methods of investing money. Though there are a number of negative qualities, it seems like cryptocurrencies have a promising future. The biggest compelling reason for this process of investment is the elimination of cash, which is going to be the future very soon.

Technology will be the Future of Investment

Promotion of cryptocurrency remains popular for a number of reasons. The breath taking pace of technological changes is creating unbelievable possibilities for economies and wealth generation. For example, it took 13 years to create 50 million television users and the first 50 million Facebook users were there in just after 3.5 years, and interestingly Angry Birds, the game got its 50 million users in just 35 days. So the picture is clear. Technology will grow even faster, making business more radical to uplift the investment market to become more technology-based.

Thus in this respect, there are a number of factors that should be kept in mind while thinking of investment in a company:

● The convincing success of the company in the field of virtual and augmented reality, big data, and artificial intelligence to put your money.

● The company should have dominant Internet platforms.

● Technologies such as robotics and 3D printing are flourishing and have a promising future to invest your precious money.

The world business is changing and so are the investments to build it. It is thus important to choose smarter processes and be very cautious while investing money.

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