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Drink Cannabidiol-Infused Beverages without getting ‘High’

Priyanka Deshpande

Priyanka Deshpande

January 29, 2019
Drink Cannabidiol-Infused Beverages without getting ‘High’”

With the recent decision of developing new cannabis-infused beverages by the world’s largest soda company, Coca-Cola, the sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) has increased remarkably. Cannabis-infused drinks are presently the hottest trend in the beverages industry. Cannabidiol is basically a compound that found in hemp and cannabis. The therapeutic use of Cannabidiol has been in practice since last many years. However, the CBD that used for the therapeutic purpose is TCH free which is responsible for causing euphoria.

Canada- The next largest Cannabidiol-infused beverages producer country?

Canada is among few countries where the use of Cannabidiol is legalized and that is probably one of the major reason behind experts’ forecast that Cannabidiol-infused beverages could be Canada’s biggest industry in the years to come. After this legalization, the lot of new opportunities are emerging in Canada such as vendors are now started selling various Cannabidiol-infused juices, ice shakes and teas to attract the consumers. The US, Europe, and Australia are some of the countries which have legalized the use of Cannabidiol in food & beverages.

Innovations in Cannabidiol-infused beverages over the period of time

In order to attract more consumers, the various established beverage entrepreneurs and companies are bringing innovations in the formulas and methods to infuse Cannabidiol in beverages. Some of the popular Cannabidiol-infused beverages that are hitting the market are water, coffee, sparkling tonic, soda, non-alcoholic wine, and Kombucha.

Benefits : According to the experts, Cannabidiol-infused beverages are basically non-psychoactive and do not give the effect of being “high” that gets from marijuana. In fact, it offers wellness benefits.

Increasing adoption among US population: Cannabidiol-infused beverages have gained remarkable popularity in a short span of time in the US. One of the significant reasons behind this is the legalization of cannabis products and marijuana across the US. A large number of US population is now giving preference to Cannabidiol-infused beverages considering its various benefits.

Key companies in the beverages sector across the globe to focus on Cannabidiol-infused beverages

A large number of companies these days have now announced their plans of starting their own Cannabidiol-infused beverage arm. To acquire most of the benefits, the companies across the globe are expected to offer large gains to their investors on the backdrop of intense competition between various Cannabidiol-infused beverage companies. In a recent development, the US- based Beverage Company, New Age Beverages has announced that soon they would be debuting brand new portfolio of Cannabidiol-infused beverages.

On the other hand, China-based online financial information Provider Company ChineseInvestors.com, Inc., which provide information to the Chinese investors has decided to come up with the private brand- a CBD Hemp wine.

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