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Demand for Self-adhesive Labels to Grow with Increasing Industrial Applications

Shreeya Chourasia

Shreeya Chourasia

Sept 13, 2019
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Self-adhesive labels have been around for a long time now. They were initially used as colourful labels to attract customers and removed the need for staples, glues, or nails to attach them. Today their market valuation has increased due to the increasing awareness on adulteration and falsification of products, pushing companies to give more and more information about their product. By using self-adhesive labels, companies can simplify their work flow. By adding not just information but product authentication, companies protect both the consumer and the brand. This is the major driver of self-adhesive labels market, which has fuelled its growth in the past years.

Benefits of Self-adhesive Labels:

● Easy to use: Self-adhesive labels can be simply used by peeling off the sticker from the back and placing them on the surface. They are not just easy to use but avoid hassle of glue or nails.

● Time efficient: These labels are very time efficient as sticking these labels on the product is just a peel away. Industries can save a lot of time by simplifying the process of packaging and replacing other products with it.

● Versatility: These labels have multiple uses starting from product information to company logo. By adding custom messages on the products, companies are also able to connect to their customers on a personal level.

● Durability: These labels are heat and water resistant making them better than traditional labelling options. Due to their durability the companies donít have to worry about environmental factors including moisture, contaminants, and surface tension to affect the label quality.

● Cost Effective: These labels can bring down labour cost by saving time and increasing efficiency at work.

● Availability in multiple colours, shapes, and sizes: While the adhesive labels can be produced in bulk, they can also be customised according to the customers need.

Uses and Application of Self-adhesive Labels:

Self-adhesive label has a broad area of usage across different industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, retail and services, transport and logistics, etc. In transport and logistics the labels have to perform under variety of environments to meet the users need. Hence, self-adhesive labels are more reliable due to its durability. In pharmaceuticals, companies face a threat of counterfeit products, leaving companies with new challenges. It is tackled by putting new regulations and stronger packaging guidelines. To find a packaging that is both safe, durable, and reliable companies are shifting towards these label as they are versatile to use.

The food and beverage industry constantly needs unique packaging and labelling to stand out making these labels an important part, with its customisable nature and user guided design. The increasing demand in these industries for self-adhesive labels is one of the leading contributor towards its growth.

Ritrama to Create Recyclable and Reusable Self-adhesive Labels

Ritrama is a leading company for self-adhesive material it has collaborated with Omet, Spilker and Ilti to combine sustainability and cost reduction, for their Core Linerless Solutions. This can eliminate the problem of liner disposal and reduce reel change. By this they will develop material to full fill

both recycling and reusing requirement and provide the labels as per customersí need. During the product's life-cycle it will have maximum adhesion to allow fast and clean removal of the label.

This evolution of technology is expected to have a major impact as the self-adhesive labels technology. The eco-friendly nature of these labels will also drive the growth as manufacturers and consumers are looking for cleaner products.

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