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How Automation is Changing the Face of Labor

Nibedita Chanda

Nibedita Chanda

May 24, 2019
How Automation is Changing the Face of Labor

The world economy is dependent on human labor and the importance of skilled and unskilled labor are undeniable. However, with the incorporation of technological advancements, the face of labor and the need for it is changing drastically with automation. The skillful deployment of machines to increase production with precision has become an important topic.

Revolution in the Manufacturing Industry

Automation has transformed the functioning of the overall manufacturing industry by reducing the risk to human life. With global manufacturing reaching its peak, the need for rapid production has become a matter of serious concern for vendors. Driven by the need to ensure quality control, several vendors are gradually replacing manual help with automated solutions. Over the years, automation has brought in a sea change in efficiency and precision. It has ensured a higher return on investments and lowered production costs, which in turn has improved profit margins.

An Era of New Opportunities

Despite the benefits, automation continues to be a threat to manual labor. Millions of workers have lost jobs due to automation and more are expected to continue losing employment in the years to come. Thus, a number of humanitarians are against it. For example, American Restoration Initiative (ARIS) has filed a petition to save millions of jobs for the Americans against automation threats. As a matter of fact one cannot disagree with the catastrophe it can cause to the current employment scenario. However, at the same time, automation is able to create a number of new job opportunities as well, which require a different skill set. A number of opportunities are being created with modernized lifestyle and better public services that will require a humane touch will add to its success in the future.

Creating New Possibilities Out of Innovative Sectors

Humans are smart enough not to be defeated by machinery power. That is why, automation can be a great help, but never a threat. The industrial revolution is a great example of this point. One could have thought that the industrial revolution would have ended manual labor jobs as it curbed many cottage industries. However, it added more jobs, transformed industries, generated revenues, and allowed developing economies to progress. One school of thought also believes that it will happen again with the massive inclusion of automation.

The service-related occupation will be more in demand where the human presence can make a difference as it is irreplaceable. Jobs such as physiotherapist, financial adviser, healthcare services, and statisticians will increase in demand.

Automation is thus never a threat to jobs but it makes human labor more valuable than ever by upgrading its standard from its conventional usage to being more nuanced and sophisticated.

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