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Industrial Caster Wheels to Evolve with Industrial Work Standards

Shreeya Chourasia

Shreeya Chourasia

Sept 13, 2019
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Discovered in ancient civilization, wheels have evolved to reduce the manual work pressure. Caster wheel is one such product of this evolution. These wheels were initially developed for furniture but over the time they also started being used to reduce manual pressure of moving bulky items in various industries. Today, caster wheel are found almost everywhere from automotive factories to hospital beds.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), in 1981, published a lifting guide, changing the lookout of industries towards manual lifting in workplaces. In 2018, the global industrial casters market was valued at US$3290 million, and is expected to reach US$5290 million by 2025. The predicted rate at which market will rise is a CAGR of 7.0% in the forecasted period, as stated by QY Research.

Demand of Caster Wheels is Increasing Due Benefits to Industrial Sector

The growing popularity of caster wheels in industrial sector has bought multiple design changes from the original. Today caster wheels used in industries to lift heavy weight includes direction locks, brakes, shock absorbers, etc. They reduce manual work of lifting, pulling, pushing, lowering, and carrying tasks in in workplaces.

According to a study, overexertion was ranked highest cause for disabling injuries. In addition to this a study in 2015, calculated the cost of injuries due to material handling in direct expenses at $14.2 billion dollars. Also, the estimate of major back injuries in industries associated with pulling or pushing tasks was 10%. In order to reduce the pressure from the workforce, the usage of caster wheels has increased over the years.

On the other hand, using caster wheels have proved to be beneficial for the industries. Its use in workplaces reduces the risks of overexertion and injuries. It also benefits the industries by providing easy mobility of large and heavy objects, minimal usage effort, lower cost, and durability on different floor type and floor condition under different environmental conditions.

Caster Wheels Versatile Nature Attributable to Growing Demand in Multiple Industry

Caster wheels are used in number of industries such as aerospace, automotive, food industry, medical, textile Industry, and agricultural machines. Its growing demand is also due to its versatile and customisable nature. Caster wheels are available in wide range of options such as heavy duty industrial casters, stainless steel casters, pneumatic casters, and polyurethane wheels. This is particularly beneficial as industries can chose castor wheels according to their requirements and needs.

However, caster wheels can sometimes create noise if there is a lot of friction, which can be irritating to ears. Sometimes the high rolling resistance can make it harder to move or turn it. If the wheels are not smooth enough they may flutter or leave scratches on floor. These are some of the challenges the industrial caster wheel market is facing. Also the safety standards in various regions might hamper the growth of caster wheels market.

Caster Wheels Versatile Nature Attributable to Growing Demand in Multiple Industry

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Industries to Initiate Innovation in Industrial Caster Wheel Market

Various companies like Hamilton Caster, RWM Casters, H Varley Ltd, Industrial Caster & Wheel Co, Hamilton Caster, RWM Casters, H Varley Ltd, Industrial Caster & Wheel Co, JARVIS Casters, R&K Industrial Wheels, and many others are working on strategies to develop caster wheels for other aspects of industries. This is leading to an increase market growth of industrial caster wheel market.

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