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Recycling Assumes New Face as Industrial Waste is Poised to Reach Art Galleries

Nibedita Chanda

Nibedita Chanda

May 22, 2019
Recycling Assumes New Face as Industrial Waste

Garbage disposable is one of the gravest challenges of this century. The growing industrial development, lifestyle changes, and population explosion have resulted in a mammoth problem of overflowing landfills and pollution. Progression of the world has being characterized by the negative impact of industrial waste, which is drastically hampering the nature by causing ecological imbalances.

In the desire of making human life more comfortable, mankind has harmed nature in many, irreparable ways. This very point has brought attention to the dire need for recycling. Despite it being a fairly old concept, little effort has been made to manage waste sensibly. In a latest attempt, designers are look at sustainable fashion and bringing art to galleries to reduce the burden on landfills.

Art to Make a Powerful Statement with Waste Materials

Art has always defined the age and its culture. It is the strongest medium to be vocal about the issues of the time. The social aspect of art has always been the strongest. It had happened before and it is happening now! While the world is suffocating with the wastage issue, art is here to rescue and be the usher.

A ray of hope comes with a number of new generation designers who are taking initiative to transform the industrial wastages into household beautification and abstract art. Designers namely Faye Toogood, Sophie Rowley, and Eric Klarenbeek have started a new journey on a progressive scale to introduce the world with the furniture and art items that are purely created by industrial wastage. Materials as glass, textile, paper, copper coil, and carbon components have become part of the unique creations.

Godrej & Boyce, one of India's largest manufacturing firms, that produces everything from submarine parts to padlocks was decoded at the Mumbai innovation center. A small group of designers worked there under Rowley for cataloging every waste product the company produces. The team experimented with the local craftsmen to recycle the discarded materials. The honest attempt helped to create some unique products, like woving old raffia and rattan into chairs, the copper wire went to ceramists, and then crocheted it into different patterns to make their pottery more creative and so on. These artifacts are glorifying the art galleries and making a strong point to ponder on, "Are waste materials really a waste or it is our ignorance and inability to understand its beauty and ability?"

What Does the Future Hold?

A number of discussions can be done on waste items being the raw material of artistic creations. No doubt, it is one of the impeccable attempts from the world artists and designers who are considering art shouldn't be devoid of social and environmental responsibilities. However, there is a lingering thought that hovers around; how much the contribution matters in front of the millions of tons of wastage being added every day worldwide?

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