Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors Market Report: CAGR is Projected to 9.9%


Published: 2023-11-20


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The resistive layer is sputtered (vacuum deposition) onto a ceramic base. This creates a uniform metallic film of around 0.1 micrometre thick. Often an alloy of Nickel and Chromium is used (Nichrome). They are produced with different layer thicknesses to accommodate a range of resistance Revenues. The layer is dense and uniform, which makes is suitable to trim the resistance Revenue by a subtractive process. With photo etching or by laser trimming patterns are created to increase the resistive path and to calibrate the resistance Revenue. The base is often alumina ceramic, silicon or glass. Usually thin film is produced as a chip or SMD resistor, but the film can also be applied onto a cylindrical base with axial leads. In this case, more often the term metal film resistor is used.

Thin film is usually used for precision applications. They feature relatively high tolerances, low temperature coefficients and low noise. Also for high frequency applications thin film performs better than thick film. Inductance and capacitance are generally lower. The parasitic inductance of thin film can be higher if it is executed as a cylindrical helix (metal film resistor). This higher performance comes with a cost, which can be factors higher than the price of thick film resistors. Typical examples where thin film is used are medical equipment, audio installations, precision controls and measurement devices. The major applications are High precision: Measuring or monitoring equipment, medical or audio applications, precision controls.

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According to the new market research report “Global Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors Market Report 2023-2029”, published by QYResearch, the global Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors market size is projected to reach USD 108.73 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 9.9% during the forecast period.


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Based on or includes research from QYResearch: Global Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors Market Report 2023-2029.


  • Global Precision Thin Film Chip ResistorsTop14 Players Ranking and Market Share(Based on data of 2021, Continually updated

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Based on or includes research from QYResearch: 2021 data information of Global Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors Market Report 2023-2029.

The global key manufacturers of Precision Thin Film Chip Resistors include Ever Ohms, Ralec Electronics, Uniohm, TE Connectivity, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Ta-I Technology, Bourns, Panasonic, Ta-I Technology, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, etc. In 2021, the global top five players had a share approximately 61.0% in terms of revenue.


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