Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive Industry Analysis:GAGR is expected to be 5.2% in the next few years


Published: 2023-11-20


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Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive Market Summary

Polysulfone is an amorphous amorphous polymer material, and commercial polysulfone resins mainly include three categories: bisphenol A type polysulfone, polyphenylsulfone, and polyethersulfone. Polyarylethersulfone (abbreviated as "polysulfone") is a class of amorphous amorphous polymer materials with sulfone groups (- SO2-), ether bonds (- O -), and arylene groups in the main chain. The sulfone and arylene groups in the main chain provide rigidity for the material, giving polysulfone good mechanical strength and outstanding heat resistance. The tensile strength is above 70MPa, the bending strength is above 100MPa, and the thermal deformation temperature is above 170 ℃. It can be used for a long time at 150 ℃ -200 ℃; The ether group in the main chain provides appropriate flexibility for the material, so polysulfone has good toughness and moderate viscosity in the molten state, which is conducive to processing; The dielectric constant and dielectric loss of polysulfone are both low and can maintain stability over a wide frequency range; In addition, polysulfone also has excellent optical properties, chemical resistance, hydrophobicity, biocompatibility, and other applications in various fields such as aerospace, automobiles, tableware, medical equipment, etc.

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According to the new market research report “Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive - Global Market Insights and Sales Trends 2024”, published by QYResearch, the global Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive market size is projected to reach USD 0.4 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period.

  • Global Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive Market Size (US$ Million), 2018-2029

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Source: QYResearch, “Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive - Global Market Insights and Sales Trends 2024”


Market Drivers:

Lightweight demand: With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the demand for fuel efficiency in automobiles, car manufacturers are increasingly focusing on reducing vehicle weight. PAES has low density and excellent strength, which can replace traditional metal materials and achieve lightweight design of automobiles.

Mechanical properties: Polyarylethersulfone has excellent mechanical properties, such as high strength, rigidity, and wear resistance, and can withstand various forces and vibrations during vehicle operation. It also has good fatigue resistance and can extend the service life of automotive components.

Chemical resistance: Cars come into contact with various chemicals during use, such as fuel, lubricating oil, coolant, etc. Polyarylethersulfone has excellent chemical resistance, can resist chemical erosion and corrosion, and ensures the long-term stability and reliability of automotive components.


  • Global Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive Top 13 Players RankingandMarket Share(Continually updated)

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Source: QYResearch, “Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive - Global Market Insights and Sales Trends 2024”


According to QYResearch Top Players Research Center, the global key manufacturers of Polyarylethersulfone for Automotive include Solvay, BASF, Sumitomo, Avient, Foshan Plolima, JUSEP, Guangdong Youju Advanced New Materials, Shandong Haoran Special Plastic, PSF New Materials, Kingfa, etc. In 2022, the global top five players had a share approximately 53.0% in terms of revenue.


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