Global LVDT Transducers Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 5.9% between 2017 and 2025

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2018-05-31   |   Views: 194

The key players are TE Connectivity, Honeywell, Sensata Technologies (Kavlico), AMETEK, Curtiss-Wright, Micro-Epsilon, Meggitt (Sensorex), Hoffmann + Krippner (Inelta), G.W. Lisk Company, OMEGA (Spectris), Sensonics, Monitran,, WayCon Positionsmesstechnik, Active Sensors, LORD Corporation and so on.

By product, the global LVDT transducer market is segmented into AC LVDT and DC LVDT transducer which are widely used for Military/Aerospace, Power generation, Petrochemical, Automotive Industry. Of these, AC LVDT transducer accounts for majority 38.75% market share of global revenue and DC LVDT accounts for majority 61.25% market share of global revenue in 2017.

The market is growing at a very rapid pace and with rise in technological innovation, competition and M&A activities in the industry many local and regional vendors are offering specific application products for varied end-users. The new manufacturer entrants in the market are finding it hard to compete with the international vendors based on quality, reliability, and innovations in technology.

By converting an object’s linear movement into an electrical signal, LVDTs – or Linear Variable Differential Transformers, also known as Linear Variable Displacement Transducers – can measure movements as large as several inches in scale, down to millionths of an inch.

Depending on the application, LVDTs can be a critical component in maintaining high-performance functionality, enabling infinitesimally fine-tuned accuracy, and ensuring that industrial automation systems run seamlessly in a variety of settings and circumstances.

Some applications such as municipal water and waste water operations, pulp and paper, industrial waste water neutralization, and other process control systems use multi-parameter controllers. For measuring pH, conductivity, transmitters, and ORP controllers, typically require microprocessor-based controllers.

Power Turbines: Power generation turbine applications for power plants around the world use linear variable differential transducers as position sensors with signal conditioners to provide the necessary operating power. The AC voltages and frequencies needed for inductive or LVDT types of position sensors are not available from power line sources.

Hydraulics: Linear position sensors serve as charge sensors in hydraulic accumulators, special external sensors in harsh environments with high immunity to vibration and shock, and includes all stroke lengths within our sensor capabilities. If you require longer stroke lengths, call our professional engineering staff at OMEGA, for custom design information.

Automation: LVDT automation applications make use of hermetically sealed dimensional gaging probes to perform beyond your R & D laboratories, fabrication workshops, an into the harsh environmental working conditions of factory automation, process control environments, TIR measurements, and industrial gaging.

Aircraft: The majority of aerospace/aircraft applications use miniature or sub-miniature position transducers. They are cable-actuated displacement sensing mechanisms. OMEGA can develop precision products for applications in commercial aircraft, space, aviation and environmental systems for space habitats. Products are mounted to a fixed position, the displacement cable is attached to a moving object like landing gear or an aileron. The cable retracts and extracts when movement occurs. Depending on signal conditioning, and mounting system, the electrical output will indicate various rates, angles, lengths, and motions.

Satellites: Consider the applications in satellite technology and related areas, in addition to satellite production, position transducers are needed for space vehicles, cargo aircraft, military fighters, drones, experimental aircraft, missiles, nuclear reactors, flight simulators, or high speed railways.

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