Global Solder Market is Expected to Reach 5.92 Billion USD by 2023

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2018-05-30   |   Views: 260

The major players in global Solder market include

Alpha Assembly Solutions

Senju Metal Industry

AIM Metals & Alloys

Qualitek International


Indium Corporation

Balver Zinn


Nihon Superior

Nihon Handa

Nihon Almit


DKL Metals


Koki Products

PT TIMAH (Persero) Tbk

Hybrid Metals

Persang Alloy Industries

Yunnan Tin

Yik Shing Tat Industrial


Shenmao Technology

Anson Solder

Shengdao Tin

Hangzhou Youbang


Shaoxing Tianlong Tin Materials

Zhejiang Asia-welding


Tongfang Tech


Soldering is the process of joining metallic surfaces together using a hot metal filler. In electronics, it is used to secure individual components to circuit boards. Solder is obviously a key element in any form of electronics construction where soldering is undertaken. It provides a mechanical and electrical joint that is essential to keep components in place once a circuit has been assembled. While the mechanical strength is important, it is also necessary to ensure that the soldered joint provides a good electrical connection is made between the two connections that require joining. This can only be achieved satisfactorily if the medium, i.e. the solder joining the two conducts electricity well.

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