Global Sales Revenue of Metallurgical Coke is nearly 162 Billion USD

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2018-05-30   |   Views: 253

Although China has the world's largest metallurgical coke production capacity, as there are also the most manufacturers, industry concentration is very low. Because the downstream customers are relatively single, mostly for contract manufacturing. The scale of independent coking manufacturers is very small; their production capacity is usually below 2 million tons. Therefore, the production capacity utilization rate is very low, and the profits of enterprises are at a very low level for a long time


ArcelorMittal and Baosteel are the world leader of the Metallurgical Coke industry. They are also the world's largest consumers.


The revival of the coking industry was driven by an increase in world steel demand. Steel consumption had been relatively lackluster and stable compared to other commodities, but the last decade was defined by a drastic increase in world steel and iron making, led by China, accompanied by the associated demand for coking coal and coke. Economic growth reached a crescendo by the first half of 2008 after which major economies have sunk into severe recessions, with the exception of China and ASEAN nations, who to a large extent kept demand for raw commodities afloat. While Europe and the USA decreased their appetite for coking coal, iron and coke, China continued to import. We believe that despite a severe downturn, growth in the developing nations in particular has not yet peaked.

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