Global Sales Revenue of Kombucha is nearly 780 M USD

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Kombucha has been a drink for a long time, but the commercialization process of kombucha is rising in the last decades of years. Kombucha is general made by fermenting tea and sugar with the microbial culture, such as yeast, bacteria and mold. A crossover drink that’s nestled in the functional-tea category, kombucha appeals to multiple consumer preferences, with flavors combining to make it a stand-alone product, or being added to other alcoholic beverages to lend its health halo.


The kombucha market in USA is the largest market accounted for a share more than 70% in terms of value in 2017. Besides, USA is also the largest supplier of kombucha. Europe kombucha has been awake in recent years, major market is concentrated in Germany, UK, France, etc.


Asia is the emerging market of kombucha. Traditionally, kombucha is made and drunk by family themselves. Now, the commercial kombucha is becoming more and more popular due to its several functions for health.


Globally, North America is the largest market for kombucha wherein the U.S. accounted for the largest share. The manufacturers of kombucha are concentrating on developing new flavors and to satiate the consumer demand. With the increasing introduction of various flavors of kombucha such as ginger, mango, coconut, lemon, grape, spices, berries, and tangerine, the market in Asia-Pacific is growing at a decent pace. Kombucha manufacturing companies are focusing in the usage of functional food ingredients to add different health benefit to their product offerings.


This report provides a competitive landscape of the major market players with their developments, new product developments, acquisitions, expansions, and so on. Furthermore, the different major market participants within the kombucha market have been profiled in this report. It also includes details such as company overview, financial details, products, strategies, and recent developments.

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