Global Music Publishing market is expected to generate revenue of 6.94 billion by 2025

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This report studies the Music Publishing market, Music publishing involves music recording, merchandizing, publishing, and distributing musical content. To publish the musical content, music publisher requires a copyright of the song along with fee, which is commonly known as royalty. Music publishing involves the acquisition of rights to, and licensing of, musical compositions (as opposed to recordings) from songwriters, composers or other rights holders. Music publishing revenues are derived from five main royalty sources: Mechanical, Performance, Synchronization, Digital and Other. In addition, music publishing includes other responsibilities, such as acquiring songs, administering copyrights, exploiting the artistic material, and protecting copyrights.


Music publishing involves promoting music from sources including independent musicians as well as music publishing houses. Music publishing owns and copyrights compositions from different sources and earns revenue from their sales globally through recordings, public performances, films, and advertisements. According to the report, global revenue for Music publishing market is expected to generate revenue of $ 6943.14 million by end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 6.08 % between 2017 and 2025.


On the whole the music publishing market is still very much in the growth phase, and is set to be moderate growth over the next years. The North America, Europe and Japan market will lead the way, followed closely by the Asia-Pacific (Ex. Japan), Latin America and Middle East & Africa markets. Over the past year, the North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions have shown huge potential for growth.

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