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USA dealt 24,890,000 tons plastic waste, taking 22.88% of the global plastic waste treatment volume in 2017

Author: QYResearch | Publish date: 2018-03-05 | Views: 138
​The demand of plastics is huge and every year thousands of tones plastics is made, in turn much plastic waste would be generated and needs to be dealt with. Plastic Waste Management is aimed to reasonably deal with the plastic waste in order to protect the environment and save resources. Plastic Waste Management can help reduce the manufacturing cost of companies by recycling the materials.

The treatment methods include landfill, recycle and incineration. Landfill is the main method adopted and about 44,773,000 tons was treated by landfill in 2017.

In the world plastic waste treatment volume was 108,778,000 tons in 2017 from 86,875,000 tons in 2012. USA, Europe and China are the main plastic waste producers in the world, in 2017 USA dealt 24,890,000 tons plastic waste, taking 22.88% of the global plastic waste treatment volume.

Plastic Waste Management companies include Veolia Environnement, Suez Environnement, Waste Management, Republic Services, Stericycle, Clean Harbors, ADS Waste Holdings, Progressive Waste Solutions and Covanta Holding. Veolia Environnement owns the biggest plastic waste treatment capacity and in 2017 Veolia Environnement dealt 1333 K MT plastic waste.

In future, for one hand the resources will be more and more valuable and the environment protection will be paid more attention on for another hand due to its unique characteristics plastics will be still well received and lots of waste will be made. So plastic waste management will be the important method to connect the environment protection and resource saving. 

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