Global aluminum alloy wheel sales were 280 million units in 2017

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 In the next few years, Aluminum Alloy Wheel industry will maintain increasing at a relatively high growth rate. Investors are still optimistic about this area; the future will still have more new investment enter the field.


The global average price of Aluminum Alloy Wheel is in the decreasing trend, and the average price is 49.7 USD/Unit in 2017. With the situation of global economy and the investment of technology, the price will be decreasing trend in the following five years.


The classification of Aluminum Alloy Wheel includes Casting, Forging and Other. The proportion of Casting in 2017 is about 80.1%. Cast wheels are cheaper than forged wheels, which are lighter and stronger.


Aluminum Alloy Wheel are widely used in Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle. The more than half of Aluminum Alloy Wheel is used in Passenger Vehicle, and the sales proportion in 2017 is about 94%


Asia-Pacific and Europe is the main consumption places, with a consumption market share nearly 53% and 23% in 2017. Other regions also enjoy the major market share in global region.


In the future, the aluminum alloy wheel will have a good future; the price fluctuation has relationship with the raw material. The technology will more mature and the monopoly phenomenon will be weaken. The installed rate in the commercial vehicle will increase.

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