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Inter-Korea business opportunities will reemerge shaping big markets

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2018-04-23   |   Views: 330

April, 2018 Dr. 

Yoon & Lee

New ear on Korea peninsula?


  • North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, had announced (20th, April, 2018) that its pursuit for nuclear weapons is “complete” and “no longer needs” to enhance its nuclear weapons technology beyond what it has now. They have proven to the world that they are a legitimate nuclear power.

  • This marks a new milestone for North Korea and may have opened a new era for this often troubled peninsula.

  • With open talks arranged for this April and in May with South Korean President Moon and US President Trump, it may have positive ripple effects on the business market.

What’s possible impacts on business

  • South Korean business owners are hoping for Seoul and Pyongyang to come to an agreement to reopen the Gaesong Industrial Complex which will be the cornerstone of reviving functioning business partnerships to both countries.

  • Once projects like these become more prevalent in this region, it will encourage more foreign investments.

  • These projects can lead to opening of joint power plants, resuming of gas pipelines, joint utilities, construction, manufacturing, and even tourism.

  • The upcoming meetings will be very important for the next steps in this region. Whether it is all talk or not, the world is closely watching.

Inter-Korea business opportunities



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