Global Paint Protection Film industry is projected to reach USD 1.17 billion USD by 2022

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The fashion luxury cashmere clothing industry was developing stable in recent years. The sales and revenue are 17.9 Million units and 2482 Million USD in 2017. The average growth rate of sales is 1.39%


China is the world's largest supplier of raw materials, accounting for about 70% of cashmere in the world, while Italy is China's largest export destination, in April 2017; Italy imported 98 tons of cashmere from China, Account 78% of the month's exports.


China is the largest consumption market, due to the rapid growth of the national economy. Many famous brands have set up offices in China, like Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli.


Although China is the largest cashmere garment manufacturer in the world, its own brand market share is very low. Most of them exist as OEM. This has led to the local enterprises in China at the bottom of the interests of the value chain for a long time.


Asia (Including China) is the major manufacturing bases due to the low labor cost and material cost. Most famous brands have their plants or cooperative manufacturers in the region; especially In addition, the fashion luxury cashmere clothing market is relatively concentrate, the top 20 manufacturers accounted for more than 50% of the world's income.

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