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Hengzhou Primus (QYResearch) Research and Publishing [2022-2028 Global and Chinese Laser Displacement Sensor Market Status and Future Development Trend] this report studies the global and Chinese market laser displacement sensor production capacity, output, sales, sales, price and future trends. Focus on analysing the product prices, sales volume, sales revenue of major manufacturers in the global and Chinese markets, and the market shares of major manufacturers in the global and Chinese markets. Historical data is from 2017 to 2021 and forecast data is from 2022 to 2028.

Laser displacement sensors are sensors that use laser technology for measurement. It consists of a laser, a laser detector and a measurement circuit. Laser displacement sensors can measure precise geometric measurements such as displacement, thickness, vibration, distance, and diameter. The laser has the excellent characteristics of good straightness, and the laser displacement sensor has higher precision than the known ultrasonic sensor. However, the laser generating device is relatively complex and bulky, so the requirements for the application range of the laser displacement sensor are relatively strict.

Analysis of the Current Status of the Laser Displacement Sensor Industry

[High Market Concentration] at present, the main suppliers of laser displacement sensors in the market include KEYENCE, Panasonic and SICK large enterprises and many small and medium-sized laser displacement sensor manufacturers. Among them, KEYENCE accounts for 35.70% of the global sales market share. Panasonic and SICK accounted for 14.96% and 6.83% of the global sales market share respectively, and the market shares of other companies were all below 6%.

[Regional Development] Downstream applications determine market demand. The main applications of laser displacement sensors are automotive, aerospace, military, industrial, electronics and other fields. Currently, Europe, America, China, and Japan are the main laser displacement production areas.

Development Trend of Laser Displacement Sensor

[Market Trend] at present, North America is the world's largest demand market for laser displacement sensor. With the rapid development of China's economy, the Chinese market will become the country with the fastest growing demand for laser displacement sensors in the future. Emerging economies such as Brazil, India, and Southeast Asia are rising rapidly. With the rapid development of emerging economies, the above regions will also become important markets for laser displacement sensors in the future.

【Competition Trends】In order to better satisfy downstream customers, competition among suppliers will intensify during the forecast period. Suppliers will face more intense competition in product pricing and after-sales service.

【Technology Trends】Technological innovation is playing an important role in driving the growth of the market. In order to survive in the highly competitive market, suppliers develop new products and keep pace with advanced technologies.

Global Laser Displacement Sensor Overall Size Analysis

According to this study, the global Laser Displacement Sensor market was valued at USD 1,308.66 million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 2,326.06 million by the end of 2028, growing at a CAGR of 7.95% during 2022-2028. In terms of sales, the global sales of laser displacement sensors in 2021 will be 765,100 units, and it is expected to reach 1,483,000 units in 2028.

At present, laser displacement sensors have been widely used in the automotive industry, aerospace and military, industrial manufacturing, electronics and photovoltaics. The main production enterprises are concentrated in Europe, America and Japan. The top three companies accounted for more than 59% of the global sales market share. In 2021, KEYENCE will rank first in the world with a sales market share of 35.02%, followed by Panasonic and SICK with global sales market shares of 15.91% and 8.87%, respectively. Laser displacement sensors are a technology-intensive industry, and it is difficult for new companies to enter the market. There are a small number of local enterprises and research institutions in my country that have made certain contributions in the field of laser displacement sensors. Whether they can seize a place in the future market competition remains to be seen. Market test.

In this study, the Laser Displacement Sensors consumer market is divided into six major geographic regions. In 2021, sales of laser displacement sensors in North America will account for 26.68% of the world, Europe will account for 24.96%, China will account for 19.92%, Japan will account for 5.26%, Southeast Asia will account for 4.41%, India will account for 5.00%, and other regions will account for 13.77%. Among all the regions, North America contributed the most. In 2021, the sales volume of laser displacement sensors in the North American market will be 204,100 units.

Laser displacement sensors are used in the automotive industry, aerospace and military, industrial manufacturing, electronics, and photovoltaics. According to the report data, 31.23% of the laser displacement sensor sales market demand comes from the automotive industry. Aerospace and military are the fastest-growing demand markets in the future, with a compound growth rate of 12.14% in 2022-2028.

According to product types, the 2-micron and below segment is expected to occupy the largest sales share during the forecast period; this segment The market accounted for 51.35% global volume share in 2021.

In short, in the next few years, with the stable demand of the downstream market and the support of national policies, the laser displacement sensor industry will remain a dynamic industry. The sale of laser displacement sensors brings many opportunities, and more companies will enter this industry, especially in developing countries.

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