QY Research as a global professional market research report publisher looking for hiring local market research analyst in most countries such as USA Mexico South Africa Europe Asia Middle East Russia and Latin America etc regions, if you want join us, please feel free contact us via or QYResearch team looking for your coming.

during 2019-2022 almost three years, a lot of industries face pressure as global economy or business face impact almost all industries. also cover QY Research own, but as a research firms, QYResearch understand it is true in the world, QYResearch recommend all our clients immediately change target and also revise marketing or manufacturing plan in order to satisfy the new status and outlook as covid impact economy forecast already change during the past years and future will need some time return to 2018 level, also russia and Ukraine war also bring impact of global business and economy and now also seems will not stop in short time. so the global economy will continue face impact and future will become difficulty. 

QYResearch think the global market will face pressure during the coming 5 years and after 2027 the status will become better, before that, all industries are not easy. no matter for US China also for others, QY Research recomend every clients try best to revise standard in order to fit the new status of the world. after use new system or target, then we will use new method, as there are more and more clients who want to have close relationship with QYResearch, QYResearch decide start new expanding plan as lots of clients need market research reports, for more details, please go to

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