About 60 Reports Updated and Published by QYResearch


Last week, more than 60 reports are updated and newly published by QYResearch. QYResearch keeps expanding report databases to meet client’s demand well. QYResearch can provide standard and customized reports to every client who has specific requirements. QYResearch always appreciates all of our clients’ support and belief.


The below topics are only parts of reports newly added in QYResearch’s database last week:

Mobile Phone Accessories

Boiler Feedwater Pump

Dog DNA Test

HFC Refrigerant

Microchannel Cooler

Soccer Cleats

Potassium Hydroxide

HTCC Ceramic Substrates

Metaverse in Corporate Training

Homecare Cleaning Antimicrobial Ingredients

Enterprise A2P SMS

Metal Cutting Tools

Shunt Resistor

Polyaspartic Ester Resin


Hi-Fi Headphone

Cell Line Generation

Quartz Tubing

Automotive Motor Core

Automotive Traction Motor Core

Galvo Scanner


KNX Products

Anodic Aluminum Oxide(AAO) Wafer

Polyurethane Spray Foam

Modified Food Starch

Powdered Solid Sodium Chlorite

Spring-loaded Pressure Safety Valves

RAID Controller Card

Retimer (Redriver)

Vacuum Lamination Equipment

HD Map for Autonomous Driving

Mass Threat Detection System

Reflow Soldering Oven

Rugged Tablet

Wireless Network Test Equipment

Military Submarine Photonics Mast and Antenna

Refrigerant Gas

Skirting Board

VR Fitness Game

Electric Excavator

Amorphous Fluoropolymer

Utility Lighters


Pocket Lighters

Portable Lithium Energy Storage

Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

Isoparaffin Solvents

Satellite Communication Phased Array Antenna

pH & ORP Sensors

LEO Satellite

Galvo Scanning Devices

PU Films

Plating Equipment

CMP Slurry

Locust Bean Gum (E-410)

Palladium Ingots

Platinum Ingots


Business Tax Services

ERP Software for Bank

Wafer Grinder (Wafer Thinning Equipment)

Heat Resistant Polymethyl Methacrylate

Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99)

Dental Hand Instrument

Cosmetic Grade Lanolin Alcohol

Dental Surgical Ultrasonic Generators

3D Printing Titanium Powder



QYResearch is a professional consulting company and provides Market Research Reports for clients all over the world. If you want a report or have specific requirements for some industry, please feel free to contact us directly, QYResearch will provide what beyond your expectation.


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