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Global Battery Structural Parts Market Projected to Grow with CAGR of 24.82%

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2022-01-04   |   Views: 147

Precision structural parts of power lithium battery include shell/cover, etc. Li-ion battery consists of positive electrode material, negative electrode material, diaphragm, electrolyte and precision structural parts, of which the structural parts are mainly aluminium/steel shell, cover, connecting piece and safety structural parts, etc., which directly affect the sealing and energy density of the battery.


The battery structural parts plays a role in transmitting energy, carrying electrolyte, protecting safety, fixing and supporting the battery, appearance decoration, etc., and according to the different application environment, has shock resistance, heat dissipation, and corrosion resistance. Specific functions such as anti-interference, and anti-static properties have a direct impact on the safety, airtightness, and energy efficiency of lithium batteries.


According to QYResearch, global revenue for Battery Structural Parts market was valued at $ 776.37 million in 2020, and is expected to generate revenue of $ 4164.53 million in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 24.82% between 2021 and 2027.


The entry barrier for downstream customers of lithium battery precision structural parts is very high. The certification period of some customers is as long as 1-3 years, and the cost of customer conversion is high. After choosing a supplier of structural parts, it will not be easily replaced. Therefore, structural component suppliers that have established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known downstream customers of lithium batteries are more competitive than other structural component suppliers. Take Kodali as an example. In 2017, CATL became Kodali's largest customer. As the main supplier of CATL structural parts, Kedali became the world's largest supplier of battery structural parts because of CATL.


The battery housing acts as a barrier between the active material in the battery cell and the entire life cycle of the outside world. The core is to ensure a high degree of consistency and the content of metal particles as low as possible. The key component of the cover plate is a safety valve, which is mainly used to manage the battery when the pressure is released. The design has a certain technical content for the flow rate and the timely power-off before the pressure is relieved. On the basis of product type, cover plate segment is projected to account for the largest value market share during the forecast period; this segment was estimated to account for 36.08% share in 2021 in terms of value.



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