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Global Temporary Bonding Adhesive Market Promoted by Semiconductor Technology Innovation

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2021-10-21   |   Views: 56

In recent years, as semiconductor devices continue to respond to the "faster, cheaper, and smaller" demand, three-dimensional stacked 3D integration has entered mainstream semiconductor manufacturing to solve the limitations of the physical expansion of "Moore's Law" and provide better Performance and functionality. TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology uses vertical chip through-hole interconnection, which brings a shorter interconnection length and a smaller package area, which correspondingly increases the signal transmission speed and reduces parasitic power consumption. To meet TSV manufacturing needs, thinning wafers has become a general trend, but ultra-thin device wafers are flexible and fragile, and are prone to warping and undulations. Therefore, a support system is needed to make TSV processing smoothly. In this context, temporary bonding/debonding technology emerged.


As wafer thickness decreases to 100µm and below, manufacturing challenges arise. Ultra-thin wafers are less stable and more vulnerable to stress, and the die can be prone to breaking and warping—not only during grinding but also during subsequent processing steps. temporary bonding is necessary, especially when wafers are dual-side processed or have high topographies.


In order to improve the performance and integration of integrated circuits, chips have been integrated in three dimensions. At present, polymer materials such as temporary bonding glue are often used for temporary bonding, and the methods are mostly heating, laser, chemical reaction, etc. The disadvantages of this temporary bonding method are high material cost, high stress, and long debonding time.


Manufacturing yield is still hindering the large-scale application of 3D TSV integration, prompting manufacturers to develop alternative solutions, such as TSMC (TSMC)'s InFO FOWLP (integrated fan-out wafer level packaging) solution is used in Apple (Apple) iPhone The A10 and A11 application processors are packaged. Aroused widespread market attention to Fan-out (fan-out) packaging. As fan-out packaging is spreading from mobile/wireless and automotive electronics to the MEMS, RF SiP and medical electronics industries, fan-out packaging has become the fastest-growing advanced packaging platform.


However, no matter which solution manufacturers choose, they need to use temporary bonding/debonding technology to process thin, ultra-thin wafers and even flexible substrates. Therefore, the temporary bonding/debonding market is expected to maintain a high speed in the next few years.


Temporary bonding adhesive can bonded with different surface. This product can be used for backside processes such as fixing, thinning, etching, passivation, electroplating, and reflow soldering of thin wafers below 100μm. According to QYResearch latest research, global Temporary Bonding Adhesive size is estimated to be USD 195.86 million in 2021 from USD 175.81 million in 2020, with a change of 11.4% between 2020 and 2021. And the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.23% for the next seven years, reaching 431 million USD in 2028.


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