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Today’s cars are laden with sensors that keep tabs on many variables. The wear of car tires may sometimes lead to a decrease in tire grip, which may cause serious traffic accidents. The car tire tread sensor can monitor the tire tread condition in real time, and get the status and replacement warning.


Some of these sensors are separate and only measure parameters such as tread thickness; others are integrated in a integrated sensor and have the measurement function of tire parameters such as pressure and temperature at the same time.


Duke University electrical engineers have developed a printed sensor that can monitor the tread of car tyres in real time in 2017. And then Tyrata applied to the technique to business in 2018. Continental published two the technologies, called ContiSense and ContiAdapt, will make their public debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) accompanied by a tyre study.


Automotive Tire Tread Sensor can be divided into Tire Integrated Sensor, Tire Tread Sensor. The integrated tread sensor integrates a variety of functions, such as temperature, pressure, tread wear, etc., through these parameters to complete the comprehensive management of the tire, maximize tire life and ensure driving safety. The function of the tire tread sensor is simple, and it can only measure the tire thickness to obtain the degree of wear of the tire; but its cost is relatively low, which is particularly prominent in commercial scenarios that pay more attention to the cost ratio.


The Automotive Tire Tread Sensor achieved commercial production in 2018. The global Automotive Tire Tread Sensors market was just valued at US$ 3.57 million in 2020 and it is expected to reach US$ 363.8 million by the end of 2027, growing at a CAGR of 90.59% during 2021-2027.


Global Automotive Tire Tread Sensors Market- Key Players

Continental, Tyrata, Revvo Technologies, Inc., Rösler, Cerebrum Sensor Technologies are key players in the market presently. Besides those companies, there are also many companies actively investing in the industry. It is estimated that more companies will enter into the market in the coming years and the market concentration will drop with intensified competition.


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