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Fetal bovine serum is the remained blood fraction after the natural coagulation of blood, which is obtained by centrifugation to remove any remaining red blood cells. Fetal bovine serum has been irreplaceable media in cell culture industry. The raw material of fetal bovine serum is fetal bovine blood. The FBS suppliers make contract with beef processer or agent and gather fetal bovine blood at certain time. The production of FBS is quite seasonal because the raw material source can only be acquired twice a year.  

Geographically, USA, Oceania and South America are the major supply regions of fetal bovine blood.

Though China, Brazil and India are the major area of bovine slaughter, the supply of FBS in these regions is limited. The main reasons, which we may conclude as, are the lack of production technics and local FBS demand.

For FBS producers, they have to gain raw material from beef suppliers. Usually, they make contract with these suppliers or their agents, to sign an agreement that for certain time they would be supplied with fetal bovine blood. The blood source might be diversified, but always in certified regions (say FDA certified regions for USA market), and the capacity of blood gather facilities might also be limited by the blood source. Normally, a facility that with a capacity of 3000 liters would be a large one because it’s really difficult to gather 6000 pregnant cow at once.

Major cattle countries are the main providers of fetal bovine serum. The countries include US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South and central Americas. The production and collection of serum products are regulated by government agencies.

FBS are labeled as USDA-Grade or European-Grade. USDA-Grade FBS can be imported into any country free of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and foot and mouth diseases, while European-Grade FBS can be sold in most European and Asian countries.


The manufacturers of FBS are concentrated in North America, Australia, New Zealand and South America. The growth of FBS production has been modest for the past years, due to the deficiency of raw material supply. In 2020, the global sales volume of FBS has reached 729890 liters. The market of FBS is concentrated. Thermo Fisher is the largest manufacturer in the global, followed by Cytiva and Merck. The consumption regions and supply regions of FBS are quite different. The consumers are mainly concentrated in USA and Europe, followed by Japan. 


The primary application of FBS is to fortify cell culture media. It is the most common media supplement used for cell culture. Considering end use, the application of FBS can be classified as scientific research and industrial production. The development of biomedical and healthcare industry has been witnessed with rapid development for the past years. Consequently, though sera industry has experienced substantial changes for the past years, the demand of FBS has been creeping. We estimate that FBS would not be replaced by substitute in short time, but suppliers in emerging market are in taking an increasing share.


According to QYResearch’s latest research, the global Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) size is estimated to be 915.16 million USD in 2021 from USD 860.02 million in 2020, with a change 7.35% between 2020 and 2021. The global Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) market size is expected to reach to 956.12 million USD in 2027. The FBS price of different brands varies from each other greatly due to the difference of fetal bovine blood origins and filtration technology. For the coming years, the supply of FBS would also be stable due the sluggish of world beef industry development. Owing to the rigid demand of stem cell research and production, and vaccine and drug research, the price of FBS would be estimated with lifting in the coming years.


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