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Global Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Wafers Industry Concentrated with Technology Barrier - QYResearch Report

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2021-06-30   |   Views: 149

While silicon wafers are the most commonly used semiconductor, partly thanks to the massive amounts of silicon in the world, some other types provide their own unique advantages. One of these is a GaAs wafer, which stands for “gallium arsenide.” 

A compound of arsenic and gallium elements, GaAs Wafer, is one of the products that constitute the raw materials of chips.

 Presently, there are only a few manufacturers in the market, such as Freiberger Compound Materials, AXT, Sumitomo Electric, Vital Advanced Material, China Crystal Technologies, Jiachang Technology, Yunnan Germanium, DOWA Electronics Materials, etc. Freiberger Compound Materials, AXT, Sumitomo Electric, Vital Advanced Material dominate the market. In 2020, the above four players held about 81% sales globally.

Production of GaAs Wafer has technology barrier and it is not easy for new entrants.

GaAs Wafer has below advantages:

Since silicon is a very abundant resource, silicon wafers are going to be a more inexpensive option, however, GaAs wafers have plenty of benefits that make them a very capable choice – sometimes an even better one depending on what you’ll be using them for. 

Direct Band Gap: GaAs has a direct band gap, which contrasts from silicon having an indirect bandgap. This means that silicon does not handle light emission well, while GaAs is really good at both emitting and absorbing light. This characteristic makes GaAs wafers the perfect substrate for space exploration.

Resistive: A perk that comes alongside the bandgap is that GaAs wafers are more resistive than silicon wafers. Combining GaAs with a high relative permittivity or dielectric constant will create the opportunity for a great substrate with natural isolation between the circuits and devices. 

And more, Gallium arsenide has many other advantages over silicon that you might not have known about. Some of these include:

High saturated electron velocity

High electron mobility

Transistors are still able to function at frequencies beyond 250 GHz

Don’t usually have issues with overheating

High performance in high temperatures

Various advantages of GaAs Wafer will make it own more market share in the next generation semiconductor technology.

GaAs can be used in such fields as Wireless Communication and Optoelectronic Devices. In optoelectronics market, VCSEL has been brought great attention since last years. We also forecast the market growth in VCSEL would the future growth point. In 2020, consumption from Photonics- VCSEL takes 3.48% of global market in terms of sales volume. Low end applications in this sector such as energy-saving solution in general illumination (LEDs) still takes a larger share. We estimate the market growth of GaAs in LED would be stable in the following years. Downstream users in LED industry has also expanding new market in RF devices, such as Sanan Optoelectronics.

Under the double attack of the China-US trade war and the COVID-19, the revenue of related RF front-end components IDM manufacturers and manufacturing foundries have been affected, and the demand for communication products in 2020 would also be affected. The Global Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Wafer market size is estimated to be 267.90 million USD in 2020, with 5.28% growth in comparison with 2019, and it will be 499.22 million USD in 2027, with a Growth Rate of 9.48% from 2020 to 2027.

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