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Land based salmon is a salmon cultured using land based aquaculture technology and Recirculating Aquaculture System technology. The salmon cultured on land not only keeps away from pollution, but also controls growth. At present, land based salmon is developing rapidly, its main producing area is Europe, especially in Northern Europe, followed by North America. Asia like Japan, is also developing rapidly. At present, the main land based salmon species are Atlantic salmon, and others are farmed like Sockeye Salmon and Coho Salmon.

The global Land Based Salmon market was valued at US$ 47.6 million in 2020 and it is expected to reach US$ 1703.28 million by the end of 2027, growing at a CAGR of 48.47% during 2021-2027.

Land-based salmon aquaculture using recirculating aquaculture system technology (RAS) is a rapidly developing industry. It is maturing just as global consumer demand is changing, and is an example of the disruptive change in many industries. In salmon aquaculture, it is driven by ocean-based farming costs rising steadily due to cumulative ocean impacts, changing ocean conditions, and limits in sites.

Investors are willing to fund land-based salmon aquaculture using RAS because it's well suited to present and future market needs:

· global demand is growing fast while ocean-based aquaculture is hitting limits and can't keep up;

· land-based farming solves all the environmental impact problems experienced by current open net-pen farming;

· land-based farming has the potential to achieve more operational certainty with less business risk than ocean-based salmon farming; and

· land-based farms can be closer to markets, reducing transportation costs and carbon footprints.


The key players of land based salmon market include Danish Salmon, Kuterra Limited, Atlantic Sapphire, Nordic Aquafarms, Andfjord Salmon, Pure Salmon, Samherji fiskeldi ltd, Swiss Lachs, Sustainable Blue, Aquabounty, etc. Of the major players of land based salmon, Atlantic Sapphire maintained its first place in the ranking in 2020. Atlantic Sapphire accounted for 13.20% of the Global land based salmon revenue market share in 2020. Other players accounted for 10.40%, 8.80% including Danish Salmon and Pure Salmon.


As people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased, more and more companies have begun to enter the Land Based Salmon industry. Europe is the largest consumption region. The Europe market for Land Based Salmon consumed 3435 tonnes product weight of Land Based Salmon in 2020, which accounted more than 49.46% global market share.


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