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  • Alibaba Cloud Computing, Alcoa, Schuler Continue to Choose QYResearch as Business and Strategy Partner

In the past week, global leading companies, such as Alibaba Cloud Computing,Science Technology Network, Alcoa, Schuler, KSGA, Elvees, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Deloitte, JNT Group, Dongfang Electric Corporation, Xinyi Glass, more than fifty companies have continued to choose corporation with QYResearch. Many of them keep cooperating with QYResearch for more than 10 years. QYResearch always appreciates all of the client’s belief and supports.


QY Research is a leading global market research and consulting company. Established in 2007 in Los Angeles, CA, USA and Beijing, China, QY Research has two advantages. First, QY Research focuses on detailed market survey and research, such as product models survey and research which many research firms can’t provide. Secondly,  QY Research has 30 roles interview systems. while most competitors focus on up and down stream interview to confirm the data quality and reliability, QY Research focus on 30 roles which about 10 times than normal competitors’ interview systems. There are more than 10000 experts globally, most of whom are industry TOP 5 players, have keep close relationship with QY Research. Besides, QY Research has more than 100 data bases and 100K different products collected in data base.  Rich historical and finished reports help QY Research support clients with fastest response. As of now, QYResearch have served more than 60000 clients around the world and most of them are TOP 5 players in different industries or Fortune Global 500 Companies. Most of the served clients keep last and close cooperation as well as communication with QY Research. QY Research continues to focus on helping you to achieve your business success and provide  professional service beyond your expectation. Let’s allow us to work closely with you and build a bold and a better future.

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