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Mitsubishi Electric and Canon Dominate the Global Contact Image Sensor Market - QY Research Report

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2020-11-20   |   Views: 178

According to the report published by QY Research, global contact image sensor was valued at 1.23 billion USD in 2019 and is predicted to be 1.91 billion USD in 2026, with the CAGR of 6.75%.

Contact image sensor is a kind of integrated module. It is a combination of an optical, a light sensing and an illumination system; all within one compact system. It is a type of LED sensor having useful applications in scanner technologies. Contact image sensor has become popular as it is a small and economic power source of imaging capability. Contact image sensor can sense any light which incident over its silicon surface. The distance between the document being scanned and the sensor is very less in the contact image sensor. Unlike CCD technology (charged coupled device), the size of every cell of the silicon surface is equal to the scale of the information to be scanned or captured. The image enlargement and reduction is not required when contact image sensor scans the image. Manufacturers are trying to innovate optical technologies with the help of contact image sensor. Brightness, uniformity, depth of illumination and optical simulation technology are some of the unique features of the contact image sensing technology.

Global Contact Image Sensor Market- Key Players

Mitsubishi Electric, Canon, ROHM Semiconductor, ON Semiconductor, Syscan, Lite-On Semiconductor, WHEC, CMOS Sensor Inc., Tichawa Vision, are some of the key players, functioning in the global Contact Image Sensor market.  The industry is highly concentrated and dominated by Mitsubishi Electric and Canon. The two suppliers hold more than 60% market share globally.

Global Contact Image Sensor Market: Segmental Analysis

The market is segmented into two types: Monochrome Contact Image Sensor and Color Contact Image Sensor. Monochrome Contact Image Sensor is the most widely used type and accounts for more than 75% share in the industry.

Contact image sensor is widely used in scanners (especially portable scanners), optical identification technology, electrographs and bar code readers. Contact image sensor can be used in place of line cameras as surface inspection devices. It can detect substandard conditions such as the coloring, dirt, missing parts, and positioning of the circuit boards, plastic films, printed documents, and sheet iron, etc. It can also be used for high-speed scanning for authentication of items such as banknotes. Contact image sensor is also widely utilized in the scanning part of copy machines as scanners.

Global Contact Image Sensor Market: Regional Analysis

North America, Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan are analyzed in the report. Geographically, Japan is expected to lead the market for Contact Image Sensors during the forecast period. The presence of prominent vendors like Mitsubishi Electric and Canon in this region is expected to result in market growth during the forecast period.


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