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Los Angeles, United States, September 19, 2019, - -  QY Research has published a new report, titled, Global Food Preservative Market Report, History and Forecast 2014-2025, which covers the market at a regional and global level. The study comprises market attractiveness analysis, wherein all the segments are benchmarked based on their growth rate. To understand the competitive landscape in the market, of SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces model have been used. The market is gaining recognition due to its ability to increase the shelf life of food ingredients in the overall food & beverages industry boosting its packaged food side of business. 

QY Research analysts state that the global food preservative market will reach US$2847 mn by 2025 from US$2388 mn in 2018. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 2.5% over the forecast period. 

Rising Demand for Food Preservative in Functional Beverages Burgeoning Market Growth

The demand for food preservative is rising in food, packaged drinks, confectionery products, and bakery products as they function to maintain quality of these products for a longer duration. Food preservatives are predominantly used by the food and beverages industry to maintain texture, color, and quality of the packaged products. Increasing demand for ready-to-eat food items is growing, driving companies to raise their standards for the packaging food products, which is propelling market growth. In the global food preservative market, food preservative function as an antimicrobial antioxidants agents. It also prevents the growth of microorganisms that spoil the texture, quality, taste, color of food items, making it inedible. 

The research report also predicts that growing investments in development of food preservatives are expected to boost the market in the coming years. Stringent government regulation by food authorities of various countries have forced manufactures to add an optimum amount of food preservatives in their packaged foods to keep them healthy and fresh for consumption. 

North America Expected to Hold Maximum Revenue Contribution to the Global Food Preservative Market

The growing demand for processed and ready-to-eat food items is encouraging manufacturers to use food preservatives to enhance the shelf life of the products. Soaring consumption of packaged food items due to hectic lifestyles is expected to boost the demand for food preservatives in this region. Asia Pacific is also likely to witness significant growth in the food preservatives market due to growing population and changing food choices. Food preservatives market is also estimated to increase in the European region due to growing consumption of processed food in this region. 

Natural Food Preservative Segment is Gaining Momentum in the Market

Natural preservative and chemical preservative are the two product segments of the global food preservative market. The natural preservative segment is increasing as it helps to reduce the bacteria from the food products without adversely affecting human health. The application segment includes meat, poultry and seafood, bakery, dairy and milk products, beverages, and others. The beverages segment is anticipated to drive the market growth due to higher consumption and longer shelf life.

Competitive Landscape

Some of the top players operating in the global market for food preservatives are Kunda, DSM, Wanglong, BASF, NTAC, Celanese, Kemin, Dupont, Akzonobel, Cornion, and Galactic. Players in the food industry are showing a deep interest in using food preservatives in their products, which is estimated to thrive market in the coming years. 

Summary Points:

      ●  Natural preservatives to surpass chemicals ones due to positive impact on nutritional value.

      ●  North America to dominate global food preservative market as consumption of packaged food remains high.


Full Report Overview@ https://www.qyresearch.com/index/detail/1085478/global-food-preservative-market

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