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In a new research study authored by QY Research, the global black pellets market is researched in great detail to provide accurate and encyclopedic information on its growth, value, volume, segments, competition, and other important factors. Carrying the title “Global Black Pellets Market Report, History and Forecast 2014-2025,” the research study also shows how different players are competing in the global market. As per the findings of the report, the global market is predicted to rise at a robust CAGR of 15.1% during the forecast period 2019-2025. By 2025, the global market value is forecast to reach US$600 Mn, improving from US$230 Mn attained in 2018.

Global Black Pellets Market: Market Dynamics

Besides power generation, black pellets are used in other applications such as household boilers. According to researchers, they are more cost-effective and safer in comparison with white biomass pellets. Moreover, they are a renewable biomass fuel, which could play a crucial role in the advancement of the global black pellets market. According to some scientists, black pellets could function as a replacement for coal in larger plants as well as smaller installations.

Steam exploded black pellets burn and grind more like coal, create a lower amount of dust, contain strong hydrophobic properties, and pack more energy per kilogram. The process of steam explosion could create an opportunity for transforming low-cost, low-grade materials into premium products. The economics of any pellet project can be improved with access to sufficient affordable raw materials such as softwood bark.

The report also discusses about certain factors that challenge the growth of the global black pellets market. Furthermore, it shows how different trends and opportunities could help players to deal with challenges in the global market.

Global Black Pellets Market: Segmentation

The global black pellets market is segmented on the basis of type of product and application. There are two product types studied in the report, viz. steam explosion and torrefaction. By application, the global market is segmented into power generation and others. Among these, power generation takes a lion’s share of the global market. Each segment is thoroughly assessed in the report to give a clear presentation of its growth in the global market.

Global Black Pellets Market: Key Regions

According to the research study, North America is the largest producer of black pellets, followed by Europe. In terms of production, it secured a substantial share of the global market. Even in terms of consumption and sales, North America and Europe collect dominating market shares. Currently, North America is the biggest exporter of black pellets.

Apart from the two regions mentioned above, the authors of the report have analyzed three other regional markets, viz. the MEA, South America, and Asia Pacific.

Global Black Pellets Market: Leading Manufacturers

The report includes comprehensive company profiling of some of the popular names in the global @ market, viz. ECN, Bioendev, Airex Energy, Arbaflame, Blackwood Technology, Bionet, New Biomass Energy, and Zilkha Biomass Energy. All of the companies analyzed in the report are studied on the basis of market share, production, revenue, markets served, product portfolio, applications, and business.

Full Report Overview@ https://www.qyresearch.com/index/detail/1076674/global-black-pellets-market

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