Global Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines Market is Projected to Reach US$ 700 Mn by 2025

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Author: Shan Lixin

New report published by QY Research which offers insights on the global Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines market. The Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines market has been experiencing steady growth graph since past years. In 2018 the global Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines market was valued at US$ 550 Mn and by the end of the assessment year (2025), it is estimated to touch a value more than US$ 700 Mn growing at a value CAGR of 3.5% throughout the period of forecast.

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Global Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines Overview

A pallet stretch wrapper can wrap your pallet load safely and securely to ensure smooth delivery. It is the most secure method for packaging your load and can prevent spills, accidents and breakage during shipping, while being moved by forklifts or in storage.

There are three types of Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines: Semi-Automatic, Automatic and Manual.

Semi-Automatic: A step between Manual and Fully Automatic Pallet Wrappers. Semi-Automatic units feature powered turntables and film carriage. The operator only has to load the pallet, attach the film and unload the wrapped pallet. Semi-Automatics offer a variety of options that allow the operator to select the number of wraps. Semi-Automatics are great of warehouses where pallets are wrapped often.

Automatic: Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines are designed with special sensors that allow the wrapper to attach the stretch film and wrap the pallet. Options are available to even have the pallets loaded/offloaded via conveyor belt. Fully Automatic Pallet wrapping machines are great for high volume applications where time and productivity is critical.

Manual: These entry-level pallet whapping machines come with a powered turntable. The film carriage is manually controlled by the operator; Manual Pallet wrappers are suitable for low volume operations where pallets are not wrapped on a regular basis.

Global Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines Market: Market Driver and Restraint

The application is Food & Beverage, Chemical, Electronics and other.

Currently, the manufacturing technology of Industrial Design is getting mature, and the technology barrel is not that high.

The market of Industrial Design in developing countries is promising; there is still large scale of demand.

New enterprise’s new project will introduce advanced equipment and technical team, which can increase his competitiveness. Downstream demand of Industrial Design has been in a growth trend. This indicates the great demand space of Industrial Design in the future.

Forward foreign-related enterprises shift to China, which is conducive to China's technological exchanges and updates.

Global Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines Market: Forecast by Region

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Mideast & Africa are the regions that are included in this report. Europe is the dominant market in the global Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines market in terms of value. North America is the second largest market. Asia-Pacific market is also expected to expand at a fast rate in terms of revenue over the forecast period due to the steadily increasing demand of Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines.

Global Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines Market: Key Players

The main players are Lantech, Aetna Group, FROMM, M.J.Maillis, Atlanta Stretch, Muller, ARPAC, Youngsun, Yuanxupack, Reiser, Tosa, Kete, Phoenix Wrappers, Technowrapp, Orion, Nitech IPM, Italdibipack, BYLER, Ehua and Other

The Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines industry is not concentrated. These manufacturers range from large multinational corporations to small privately owned companies compete in this industry.

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