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Global ammonium polyphosphate market is likely to witness a steady growth during the assessment period. Rising demand for fertilizers in agriculture-driven economies such as India and China is likely to fuel the growth of the market in the near future. 

Global Ammonium Polyphosphate Market: Drivers and Restraints

Some of the factors such as the rising promotion of foreign direct investment in the agriculture industry are likely to increase the usage of innovative technologies. This helps in enhancing the knowledge of farmers regarding the effective utilization of fertilizers in the agriculture sector. This led to drive the growth of the global market for ammonium polyphosphate in the years to come. Increasing population combined with growing demand for food & food products is likely to propel the growth of the ammonium polyphosphate market during the forecasted period. 

However, the harmful effects of excessive use of fertilization on the environment as well as the health of fauna and flora are likely to create a negative impact on the growth of the global market for ammonium polyphosphate during the projected period. 

Global Ammonium Polyphosphate Market: Regional Analysis

Europe market for ammonium polyphosphate is expected to show a remarkable growth over the forecasted period. The market in Asia Pacific is likely to grow at a significant rate in the near future. Emerging economies such as China is likely to grow at a steady rate in terms of production. North America is also expected to grow at a moderate rate in the years to come. 

Global Ammonium Polyphosphate Market: Segmental Analysis

On the basis of product type segment, the global market for ammonium polyphosphate is segmented into APP II and APP I. This segment mainly differs from their polymerization degree. The polymerization degree of sub-segment APP I is usually lower than 100, while on the other side, APP II is higher than 1000.  APP II segment has a lower water solubility than APP I. So, APP I is mainly used in the liquid fertilizer industry and APP II is used in the flame retardant industry. 

Based on the application segment, the market is further segmented into Flame Retardant Industry and Liquid Fertilizer Industry. 

Global Ammonium Polyphosphate Market: Key Players

Some of the leading manufacturers functioning into the global market for ammonium polyphosphate are Plant Food Company, Clariant, Chuanhong Phosphorus Chemical, Perimeter Solutions, Shian Chem, Nutrien, Zhejiang Longyou GD Chemical, JLS Chemical, Lanyang Chemical, Budenheim, Kingssun Group, Changfeng Chemical, Jingdong Chemical, and Sanwa Flame Retardant Technology. 

Nutrien’s Revenue Forecast

In the previous trading session, Nutrien Ltd. has added 0.29% to reach $55.02. Overall 1.53Mn shares were exchanged with an average trading volume of 1.64 Mn shares. The market capitalization of Nutrien Ltd. is $33.68 Bn and the relative volume of the stock is 0.86. Minimum and maximum earnings per share for the present quarter is predicted at $0.23 and $0.43, respectively. 

In the next quarter, the company is expected to report earnings of $0.29 per share. According to the consensus of 6-analysts, the company is likely to post revenue of $4.02 Bn in the present quarter. The low and a high revenue estimation for the present quarter of the company are $3.8 Bn and $4.58 Bn respectively. During the same quarter period of the previous year, the firm reported revenue of $4.13 Bn. 

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