Global Eucalyptus Oil Market to reach around US$ 430 Mn by 2025, says QY Research

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Eucalyptus oil is derived from eucalyptus leaves. The eucalyptus trees are generally found in Australia. The rising demand of consumers towards natural ingredients in the food and beverages and cosmetic industry will escalate the growth of the market throughout the forecast period.

Global Eucalyptus Oil Market: Drivers and Restraints

Eucalyptus oil is mainly used as a significant component in therapeutics and cosmetics industry. The rising trend of using product which has natural ingredients has resulted in to the growth of the global market for eucalyptus oil. This oil is often used in aromatherapy, flavors and fragrances, and food and beverages industry which led to propel the growth of the market. Additionally, it has been observed that eucalyptus oil has antiseptic qualities.  It helps the patients with respiratory problems and high blood pressure and this factor is expected to boost the growth of the market for eucalyptus oil in the coming years. 

However, the cost of production and equipment to make eucalyptus oil required a large capital investment that restricts the growth of the global market for eucalyptus oil. The rising competition among key manufacturers and lack of integration among players due to declining profit margin will pose a threat to the development of the market in the near future

Global Eucalyptus Oil Market: Segmental Analysis

The worldwide market for eucalyptus oil can be segmented into applications and by product type. Based on applications, eucalyptus oil is segmented into Spice Industry, Medicine, and Daily Chemicals. On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into Content 80%, Content 70%, and Content 60%.

Global Eucalyptus Oil Market: Competitive Landscape 

The competitive landscape mainly describes the key manufacturers who are focusing on equipment up-gradation, technology innovation, reducing cost and improving quality of the product. Top companies of the worldwide market for eucalyptus oil are PSC Aromatic, B.O.N® Natural Oils, GR Davis, Busby Oils Natal, Yunnan Lorraine Aromatic, FGB Natural Products, Yunnan Aroma Source Manufacturing, Xiamen Best do Technology Development, Meneghetti Distillery, Yunnan Emerald Essence, Jiangxi East Flavor & Fragrance, and Yunnan Guorun Aroma Manufacturing. 

Global Eucalyptus Oil Market: Regional Analysis

Based on the regional outlook, the market is segmented into five different regions: the Asia Pacific, North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. In the Asia Pacific region, emerging economies such as India and China are likely to lead the market during the anticipated period. The market is also likely to boost in North America and Europe due to the consumption of natural therapeutics and beauty products. The Middle East and Africa are also expected to drive the market for eucalyptus oil in the coming years. 

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