Global Ductile Iron Pipe Market to Touch Valuation of Over US$ 8,000 Mn by 2025 – QY Research

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Investors are expected to stay optimistic about the global market growth because of the increased need to maintain living quality in workplaces and public areas. This could be despite the presence of competition problems. New investments are foreseen to uplift the global ductile iron pipe market in the near future. Furthermore, both the consumption value and volume are predicted to continue to increase.

Global Ductile Iron Pipe Market: Drivers

One of the crucial growth driving forces for the global ductile iron pipe market are strong government investment and support. The high use of ductile iron pipe in water supply management and the discharge of wastewater is envisaged to push the demand in the global market. Increasing number of government initiatives to improve water sanitation is also expected to stoke the demand for ductile iron pipe.

Increased migration of people to urban areas is anticipated to give impetus to the global market as the demand for ductile iron pipe in sewage water application sees a rise. Besides water distribution, irrigation is a vital application of ductile iron pipe, especially in emerging economies such as South Africa, India, and China.

The ability of ductile iron pipe to withstand harsh environmental and operating conditions is expected to attract strong demand from end-use industries. Apart from its durability, ductile iron pipe is cost-effective and reliable enough to discharge household wastewater and supply industrial and potable water.

Global Ductile Iron Pipe Market: Forecast by Type and Application

By type, the global ductile iron pipe market is classified into DN 1400mm-2000mm, DN 1100mm-1200mm, DN 350mm-1000mm, DN 80mm-300mm, and others. On the basis of application, the key segments studied in the report are trenchless application, mining, gas/oil supply, water supply/treatment pipe, and others. Among these, water supply/treatment pipe is foretold to become a prominent segment of the global market.

Global Ductile Iron Pipe Market: Forecast by Region

The report includes important regions and countries, namely the MEA, North America, Central and South America, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, and China to analyze the regional growth of the ductile iron pipe market. China is the largest ductile iron pipe market in terms of production. However, ductile iron pipe manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Asia.

Global Ductile Iron Pipe Market: Key Players

Some of the major manufacturers profiled in the report are Shandong Ductile Pipes, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes, Kurimoto, AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe, Mcwane, Electro-steel Steels, Jindal SAW, US Pipe (Forterra), Kubota, and Saint-Gobain. Leading companies are prognosticated to sign merger and acquisition contracts to offer new products in the global ductile iron pipe market. They are also expected to open new facilities to strengthen their production.

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