Global Flue and Chimney Pipes Market to Grow at Sluggish CAGR of 1.9% between 2018 and 2025 – QY Research

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Global Flue and Chimney Pipes Market: Drivers

The application of cofiring using district heating systems or at large conventional power plants is expected to account for the most part of the new demand for flue and chimney pipes. However, the use of domestic-scale systems increasing the demand in the global flue and chimney pipes market could not be turned a blind eye to.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme and National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP)-identified wider market plans are anticipated to play a vital role in encouraging the use of flue and chimney pipes at the domestic level.

Global Flue and Chimney Pipes Market: Forecast by Application and Type

On the basis of type, the global flue and chimney pipes market is classified into flexible chimney flue liner, single wall flue pipes, twin wall flue pipes, and others.

By application, the report covers important segments, viz. industrial application, stoves, and standard fireplaces.

Global Flue and Chimney Pipes Market: Forecast by Region

Regionally, Europe secured a leading position in the global flue and chimney pipes market in 2017, followed by North America. In Europe, manufacturers dealing with fireplace products are foreseen to mainly target the U.K. market. In the U.K., the use of single room direct heating units, which account for a sizable market share, is anticipated to primarily support the current demand for wood stoves.

As per the EU Renewable Energy Directive, the U.K. is supposed to achieve a 15% target by 2020. In order to achieve the target, 12% of the heat demand should come from renewable sources (Panoutsou and Castillo, 2011), according to the Directive-mandated 2010 NREAP for the U.K.

Besides Europe and North America, the report covers the MEA, Central and South America, and Asia Pacific for consumption breakdown data. In addition, it includes production breakdown data covering Japan, China, Europe, the U.S., and other regions.

Global Flue and Chimney Pipes Market: Competitive Analysis

Among major manufacturers of flue and chimney pipes, Schiedel is identified as a global leader. It held a decent share of the global flue and chimney pipes market in 2017.

In Europe, the flue and chimney pipes market marks the presence of top players such as Cordivari, Jeremias International, Ubbink Centrotherm Group, and Schiedel. In North America, DuraVent and Selkirk are considered to be leading players that secure an absolute market share and have a good reputation.

Global Flue and Chimney Pipes Market: Key Players

Apart from the manufacturers mentioned above, the analysts have profiled other important ones, viz. Ruilun Metal Products, Security Chimneys International, Shasta Vent, Olympia Chimney Supply, Mi-Flues, Imperial Manufacturing Group, SF Limited, Docherty Group, and Poujoulat.

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