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The technology used in the global piezo buzzer components market has reached a maturity stage now. This is foretold to make it difficult for new entrants to overtake existing popular brands in the short term on the basis of design and reputation. The authors of the report recommend new enterprises to consider these factors carefully before entering the market.

Global Piezo Buzzer Components Market: Drivers

The demand for piezo buzzer components is dependent on the demand for piezo buzzer. Piezo buzzer is popular for its key characteristics such as higher sound pressure level, lower current consumption, and wide operating voltage.

Availability of piezo buzzers with a wide variety of sound outputs, frequencies, and sizes is foretold to augment the demand in the global market.

On the other hand, introduction of new products is envisaged to improve the growth of the global market.

Global Piezo Buzzer Components Market: Forecast by Application and Type

On the basis of application, the global piezo buzzer components market sees a classification into timer, toy, alarm, home appliances, automotive electronics, and others.

The global market is classified into two segments, i.e. passive and active as per type of product. Among these, active piezo buzzer components are expected to become a prominent segment in terms of adoption. They accounted for a 52.23% share of the global sales volume in 2017. In the same year, this segment touched a sales volume of close to 538.58 Mn Units.

Global Piezo Buzzer Components Market: Forecast by Region

The report covers different countries and regions deemed important for the growth of the global piezo buzzer components market: Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China, the EU, and the U.S.

Most of the piezo buzzer components manufacturers are located in China. The country also exhibited the largest export quantity globally in 2017. In the same year, Japan took the second position in terms of sales volume.

Global Piezo Buzzer Components Market: Competitive Analysis

The marker share gap between leading companies is foreseen to enlarge owing to the implementation of different strategies. In 2017, Murata profited the most as it bagged a share of 37.77%. TDK and Kingstate Electronics secured the second and third positions in the same year on the basis of share. In 2016, the three companies accounted 6.21% and 5.64% shares respectively.

Global Piezo Buzzer Components Market: Key Players

Apart from the companies mentioned earlier, the report profiles key manufacturers such as Kingwei Electronic Co., LTD, Soberton, Kepo Electronics, Hitpoint, Ariose, Hunston Electronics, Huayu Electronics, Sonitron, Cui Inc., and Db Products Limited.

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