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The same tycoon, but I found that Americans are more head-to-head in clothes than Chinese! QYResearch in-depth analysis of global apparel development status and future trends!

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2018-03-15   |   Views: 211

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After graduating from graduate school in the United States, there are more opportunities to participate in social activities, from weddings, funerals, birthday parties to business events.

Even if I participated in so many activities, I do not know that every time I saw the different rules of the Americans' clothes, they still met Americans who didn't care about the rules. They were still puzzled by the principle of dressing Americans. . I have heard that Chinese people who have come to the United States for more than a decade have sometimes been confused by the US social dress code (Dress Code).

Under normal circumstances, Americans will choose the appropriate dress in strict accordance with the occasion of social activities. If they wear out of time, they will be considered impolite. Invitations to social events sometimes include dress code for preparation.

          There are about five types of dress code in the United States:

Formal: Formal. Including Semi-formal = Black Tie: semi-formally, men wear tuxedos or suits, ladies wear tuxedos

Informal: informal, that is Business Suit business equipment. Men's suit tie, ladies dress, that is, skirt.

Business Casual: Business casual, including: casual suits, shirts, sweaters, cotton pants, skirts and so on.

Usually, Americans wear Casual, Casual or Active attire, sportswear.

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However, there are also some Americans who do not care about what the dress code is. It seems that these standards can restrain other people. At some times, they cannot cover the two people mentioned below.

Finding 1: what is the maximum Boss wear unconstrained

This problem was first discovered, and it was a film festival to do translation. At the time, an e-mail from the Graduate School of Practice Supervision said that there was an international film festival that required an on-site translator in both English and Chinese to ask if I was interested.

When I listened to a few words in the film festival, I was brainstormed to take pictures at the internationally renowned big film festivals such as Oscar, Cannes, Berlin, and the Golden Horse Awards. Film celebrities took pictures on the red carpet before the big logo wallpaper. They must be dressed up to attend, or how can they cope with the entertainment magazine's comment on their dress code?

The film festival saw China’s Dai Ding who hired me as a translator. Other filmmakers, including him, were all dressed up. Then he introduced to me the chairman of this festival, which should be the biggest head of the event. However, this tall, low-profile chairman is wearing the lowest number in the entire event—a white T-shirt with his company logo.

Throughout the entire event, the white old man with a white beard and a head of a Chinese Taoist priest, carrying a thief's bright eyes, circumnavigated among the guests and dealt with various issues, relying on his ability and support from the air field. His overall image of the entire event. For what to wear, the old man really does not matter, because the film festival was invited by him.

The dress of the chairman of the festival reminds me of some of the big bosses of IT companies in the United States. In important business situations, many wear T-shirts, and even wearing these standards may not be the standard for business casual.

For example, Zuckerberg on Facebook always shows that gray T-shirt, Apple's Joe is always wearing a black sweater and blue jeans. In addition to T-shirts and more casual, Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine, often wore his iconic burgundy robe during an interview.

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine

On the contrary, the managers of the big bosses, especially the departments of public relations and sales, like to wear business suits. The oldest bosses were sometimes not subject to dress code, and they did not need to use their external image to prove their authority. Sometimes they also needed to show themselves in this unique, dress code that would break the rules and have money. Leadership position. Of course, this is usually on their own site.

The United States' big boss likes to wear T-shirts and nightgowns, mainly based on his own comfort, and does not need to deliberately please other people and cater to occasions. However, Chinese bosses rarely wear T-shirts or even dressing gowns at key events.

In many cases, the big bosses of Chinese enterprises need to dress up more expensive than their employees to reflect the image of the entrepreneur and the image of the company. However, no matter how rare a dress is, it is seldom like a US entrepreneur to dare to go out of the rules and create his own iconic image.

Attendance at large-scale commercial activities, Chinese male bosses must be straightforward, and female entrepreneurs must be brand-name, designer, wear gold and silver Peiyu.

As employees of Chinese companies, they dare not dress more expensive than their bosses. Otherwise, even if the boss doesn't care, other colleagues will quickly remind you to keep a low profile.

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Finding 2: Wearing the lowest tone at home party may be the most expensive

In American daily life gatherings, such as weddings, birthday parties, high school graduations, and funerals, this sounds like a very formal relationship with relatives and friends. Some Americans don’t dress in accordance with common sense. The same activity can be seen in some people wearing T-shirts, some wearing very formal dresses.

Wearing a T-shirt may be a local tyrant with a large estate. Wearing a suit and leather dress may be an ordinary migrant workers.

In American family reunions, it is difficult to judge the economic status of people by whether they are wearing brand names or whether they are expensive. Rich people have low-key to capital, and people who have no money also have the freedom to consume. So how can we judge who is economically better at these Americans' gatherings?

My personal experience is to feel their gas field with heart. Americans with slightly better economic status do not necessarily have to be the center of the party, so sometimes they wear casual T-shirts. In the Party for everyone to share food, ask people to have a drink, take the initiative to initiate a topic and everyone knows, so that everyone feels very comfortable. After a party, you promise to impress such people.

It seems that Americans do not think that the people who earn more money at home have much to do with themselves. It may be precisely because of this that wealthy relatives do not have to deliberately use appearance to show themselves among friends and family. Even so, they still inevitably show their influence on various occasions. For example, they are good at creating a good atmosphere for the party. Everyone is happy when they go.

On the other hand, if Chinese friends and relatives gather to make more money, they will need to update the body and return home. It's hard to make money. How can a party wear a T-shirt? Didn't you call your friends and relatives to read it? Everyone gathered around a table of good food and exchanged the resources of their own hands to see if they had the opportunity to help each other.

If someone is sick and needs to be hospitalized, whoever wants to go to the government to do something for the individual and who has children to go to school, they will have to look for someone who can do it. In the country, if you dress too casually, even if the nature of the day, it will lose a lot of people's attention.

Nowadays, attending a dinner with relatives and friends in China, the LV is full of eyes. This is not just an emotional recollection of the old, but also a social sharing of resources. People rely on clothes to rely on saddles in Chinese social circles to work.

Finding 3: The rich in China are also living for others

Why do American big bosses and wealthy people pay attention to T-shirts as much as they like luxury goods? Because T-shirts are the best expression of the personality of the dress. Whether it is to promote your company's brand image or show your world's beliefs and preferences, T-shirts are more flexible than expensive clothes, reflecting their own personality. And Americans who are pursuing their own personalities often feel that the extra cash is not as good as a personal limited edition. If it is the owner of an American company, it is more creative, unconventional, and breaks the rules. Although it earns a lot of money, but it is not wearing a suit and tie, it is like to print the name of the band on the T-shirt.

Although China’s economic development is now faster than that of the United States, many rich people in the country still do not have enough money and willfulness to dress. They live in the eyes of people around them. This waywardness is not just a way to wear expensive clothes. It also includes the freedom and freedom I want to wear.

Decades ago, American society was just like China today. Only when the society has reached a certain stage of development, people have paid attention to paying attention to paying attention to spiritual ideas and paying attention to the direction they like.

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