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During the forecast period 2018-2025, the global GO market is foreseen to rise at a staggering 38.0% CAGR to touch an US$ 83.0 Mn valuation by the end of the assessment year. In 2017, the global GO market was worth a US$ 6.0 Mn.

The global GO production reached a 202 Kg in 2017, increasing from a 27.9 Kg touched in 2013, at a tremendous CAGR of 64%.

Global Graphene Oxide (GO) Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global GO market is foretold to attract strong growth prospects as applications in lucrative industry verticals such as biomedical, energy, and semiconductors and electronics continue to increase. High focus on targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs is expected to stoke the demand in the global GO market since functionalized nano-graphene oxide (nGO) is used in such studies.

Lithium-ion batteries are a common application of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanocomposites employed for high-capacity energy storage. In the electronics industry, GO is used as a starting material for components in the fabrication of a number of devices. rGO and GO find use in various biosensor systems that are developed to identify biologically relevant molecules. GO is also employed as a fluorescence quenching material in biosensor systems.

The development of the emerging GO industry could be limited by the expensive pricing of products. However, GO’s good performance is expected to justify its high price, which can be accepted by a few downstream consumers. Moreover, GO is said to be a conceptual type of product.

Global Graphene Oxide (GO) Market: Forecast by Application and Type

By application, the global GO market is divided into biology and medicine, energy-related materials, composites, transparent conductive films, and others. All of these segments are comprehensively assessed in the research study as per their growth rate, market share, and other vital factors.

The global GO market is classified into GO powder and GO solution in relation to type of product. Both the segments are closely studied in the report, taking into consideration their price, revenue, and other important factors.

Global Graphene Oxide (GO) Market: Forecast by Region

On the basis of sales volume, the U.S. is the largest GO market, which bagged a 51.8% share in 2017. Securing the second position in the global GO market is Europe. The report also sheds light on the market growth of other geographies, viz. India, Southeast Asia, North America, Japan, and China.

Global Graphene Oxide (GO) Market: Key Players

The global GO market marks the presence of top manufacturers such as The Sixth Element Materials, ACS Material, Garmor, Graphenea, and Global Graphene Group. Among these, Global Graphene Group is said to be a world leader in the GO industry. It secured a 26.82% share of the global GO market in 2017. In the same year, it reached a production of 54.2 M Kg.

Most companies are surveyed to have begun their first commercial production in 2013. Players are expected to enjoy a high profit margin.

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