Global UHMWPE sheet sales increased to 81.9 kilotons in 2018

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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE or UHMW), is a kind of thermoplastic polyethylene chemical materials, which has high molecular weight over 1.5millon as usual. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene offers a unique combination of wear and corrosion resistance, low friction surface, and impact strength.

At present, most of the processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet using sintering molding method, but also the plunger extrusion is low popularity.

UHMWPE Sheet industry is dispersion relatively. For now, there are many producing companies in the world. The main market players are Röchling Group, Quadrant Plastics, Qiyuan Plastics and Wefapress. The sales of UHMWPE Sheet will increase to 81.9 K MT in 2018 from 58.2 K MT in 2012 with average growth rate of 5.9%.

In consumption market, Europe, USA and China are the mainly consumption regions due to the bigger demand of downstream applications. In 2017, these regions occupied 76.1% of the global consumption volume in total.

UHMWPE Sheet has three types, mainly in accordance with the molecular weight of the resin. The high performance of UHMWPE sheet is reflected in many aspects, while the wear resistance, impact resistance, low coefficient of friction. UHMWPE Sheet has a huge market potential in the future. Manufacturers engaged in the industry are trying to produce better property UHMWPE Sheet through improving technology.

The major raw materials for UHMWPE Sheet are UHMWPE Resin and other plastic modifier. Fluctuations in the price of the upstream product will impact on the production cost of UHMWPE Sheet. The production cost of UHMWPE Sheet is also an important factor which could impact the price of UHMWPE Sheet.

We tend to believe this industry is gradually expanding, and the consumption increasing degree will show a smooth growth curve. And the price presents fluctuation according to the economy development status and international competition. Also, there is fluctuation in gross margin.

The Global UHMWPE Sheet Market Research Report 2018 This report released by QYResearch provides a basic overview of the UHMWPE Sheet industry, including definition, classification, application and industrial chain structure. Discuss development policies and plans as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures.

The report then focuses on major industry players in global, including company profiles, product images and specifications, sales, market share, and contact information. More importantly, the UHMWPE Sheet industry development trends and marketing channels were analyzed.Providing the main statistical data on the current status of the industry is a valuable guide and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

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