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Global metallocene polyethylene sales were 14,521,000 Tons in 2017

Author: QYResearch  |   Published Date: 2018-03-01   |   Views: 149

 The main market players are ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, Total Petrochemical & Refining, Chevron Phillips Chemical and SK. ExxonMobil is the largest manufacturer of metallocene polyethylene with production of 1,975,000 Tons in 2017.

In consumption market, the sales of metallocene polyethylene will increase to 14,521,000 Tons in 2017 from 13,187,000 Tons in 2012 with average growth rate of 1.95%. North America and Europe are the main consumption regions. In 2017, these two regions occupied 87.37% of the global consumption volume.

Metallocene polyethylene mainly has three types, which include mLLDPE, mHDPE, mLDPE and other types. And each type has application industries relatively. With growth of packaging market, the downstream application industries will need more metallocene polyethylene. So, metallocene polyethylene has a huge market potential in the future.

The major raw materials for metallocene polyethylene are ethylene, metallocene catalyst, and other auxiliary chemicals. Fluctuations in the price of the upstream product will impact on the production cost of metallocene polyethylene. The production cost of metallocene polyethylene is also an important factor which could impact the price of metallocene polyethylene.

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