Europe Smoke Exhaust Fans Market by Type

Smoke exhaust fans which are used in emergency exhaust ventilation systems for forced extraction of smoke and heated gases and simultaneous transfer of heat generated by the fire away and beyond the limits of the serviced spaces where the ignition occurs. Such units are used in production, public, residential, administrative and other spaces. Such fans are capable of handling smoke and air mixtures with temperatures up to 600 °С.

Centrifugal fans vary differently from axial fans. The pressure of an incoming airstream is increased by a fan wheel, a series of blades mounted on a circular hub. Centrifugal fans move air radially — the direction of the outward flowing air is changed, usually by 90°, from the direction of the incoming air.

The airflow created by centrifugal fans is directed through a system of ducts or tubes. This helps create a higher pressure airflow than axial fans. Despite a lower flow rate, centrifugal fans create a steadier flow of air than axial fans. Centrifugal fans also require a higher power input.

Axial fans are named for the direction of the airflow they create. Blades rotating around an axis draw air in parallel to that axis and force air out in the same direction.

Axial fans create airflow with a high flow rate, meaning they create a large volume of airflow. However, the airflows they create are of low pressure. They require a low power input for operation.

Europe Smoke Exhaust Fans Market: Market Driver and Restraint

Smoke Exhaust Fans is mainly used in Fire Protection, Commercial Kitchen and other.

The smoke control system of a building or structure must ensure protection of people along the evacuation paths from the fire hazards during the time required for the personnel evacuation procedure or the entire period of fire development and control by means of extracting the combustion and thermal decomposition products and/or preventing their spreading. A smoke control system is an integral element of a utility system design including all kinds of high-rise structures, shopping and office centres, hospital facilities, production and storage spaces etc. as well as underground structures.They are also used in the kitchen of restaurant where large Smoke Exhaust Fans are needed.

Europe Smoke Exhaust Fans Market: Forecast by Region

Germany, UK, France, Russia and Italy are the regions that are included in this report. Germany is the largest market in the Europe Smoke Exhaust Fans market in terms of value. UK is the second largest market. The these countries market is at a slow rate in terms of revenue over the forecast period due to the steadily increasing demand of Smoke Exhaust Fans.

Europe Smoke Exhaust Fans Market: Key Players

The key players are Nicotra Gebhardt, Soler & Palau, Ventmeca, NOVENCO, VENTS Company, Systemair, Elta Fans, Polypipe Ventilation, SODECA, Rucon, Aldes Group, France Air, Vim and Saftair.

The leading Europe firms include Nicotra Gebhardt, Soler & Palau, Ventmeca, NOVENCO, VENTS Company and others. These companies tend to compete against each other globally to gain larger market. In many markets, these leading global firms also face competition from local players.

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