Global Zeolite Molecular Sieves Market is Projected to Reach 1,460 million US$ by the end of 2025

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Global Zeolite Molecular Sieves Market: Market Driver and Restraint

Applications of Zeolite Molecular Sieves are anticipated to create new business segments in the market. Zeolite Molecular Sieves is in use for a broad range of Air Separation products such as Olefin and polyolefin production, Dehydration and CO2 removal from air for cryogenic processing & others. The companies are focusing on launching products that are launched in few regions. There lies a great opportunity since only a few companies are into this business due to introductory stage of this product market. Zeolite Molecular Sieves application is developed towards a more active mode.

Manufacturers are exploring the potential of Zeolite Molecular Sieves in Petroleum Refining. Application of Zeolite Molecular Sieves in Removal of CO2, H2S, mercaptans and other impurities from natural gas or natural gas liquids are gaining traction in the recent years. Recently, manufacturers have started using Zeolite Molecular Sieves in the Petrochemicals area. Further, there are also potential uses in the areas of dehydration of natural gas and natural gas liquids such as propane.

Global Zeolite Molecular Sieves Market: Key Takeaways

·        On the one hand, Zeolite Molecular Sieves manufacturers are dedicated to lowering their manufacturing cost; on the other hand, they try to provide more qualified products to customers.

·        Besides, they are trying to broaden the applications of Zeolite Molecular Sieves such as Olefin and polyolefin production.

·        As major suppliers are seeking acquisition to expand global presence, the market concentration is estimated to increase in the comming 5 years.

Global Zeolite Molecular Sieves Market: Forecast by Type

This segment includes 3A, 4A, etc. In terms of volume, 3A segment is expected to remain dominant in the global Zeolite Molecular Sieves market.

Global Zeolite Molecular Sieves Market: Forecast by Region

North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, APEJ, Japan and MEA are the seven regions that are included in this report. Asia Pacific is the dominant market in the global Zeolite Molecular Sieves market in terms of value. The Asia Pacific Zeolite Molecular Sieves market was estimated to be valued at US$ 546.6 Mn in 2017 and is expected to expand at a value CAGR of 2.1% over the forecast period. The North America market is expected to expand at a robust rate of 2.2% in terms of revenue over the forecast period due to the steadily increasing production capacity for Olefin and polyolefin production products in this region.

Global Zeolite Molecular Sieves Market: Key Players

UOP (Honeywell), CECA (Arkema), Tosoh Corporation, Grace, Zeochem AG, CWK Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz GmbH, KNT Group, Zeolites & Allied Products, Haixin Chemical, Shanghai Hengye, Shijiazhuang Jianda Gaoke, ALSIO, Fulong New Materials, Pingxiang Xintao, Zhengzhou Snow, Luoyang Jianlong Chemical, Henan Huanyu Molecular Sieve, etc. are the key vendors included in this report.

The market concentration of Zeolite Molecular Sieves is medium. The supply and demand relationship in the industry has been stable and modest. Of the 2017 global market, the top 5 companies, account for more than 40.00% of sales. UOP (Honeywell) Chemical is by far the leader, followed by CECA (Arkema) and Tosoh Corporation. Key Vendors like Grace, Zeochem AG, and CWK Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz GmbH, also play important part in regional market, so the market share in each region is quite different.

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