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The leading companies own the advantages on better performance, more abundant product’s types, better technical and impeccable after-sales service. Consequently, they take the majority of the market share of high-end market. Looking to the future years, the slow upward price trend in recent years will maintain. As competition intensifies, prices gap between different brands will go narrowing. Similarly, there will be fluctuation in gross margin.

The industry is expected to remain innovation-led, with frequent acquisitions and strategic alliances adopted as the key strategies by the players to increase their industry presence. Market stays in mature period with a clear concentration. Meanwhile, optimize product mix and further develop value-added capabilities to maximize margins.

Global Water-Based Polyurethane Dispersions Market: Market Driver and Restraint

The polyurethane dispersions market has a few numbers of global players competing significantly for the market share, who are actively investing in various strategies such as, new product developments, major acquisitions, joint venture & collaboration, and expansion projects globally to increase their market share.

One trend in the market is growing demand for water-based polyurethane dispersions. The demand for water-based polyurethane dispersions is growing rapidly in the polyurethane dispersions market. Due to environmental legislations such as the Clean Air Act and other regulations, water-based polyurethane dispersions are expected to become an effective substitute for solvent-based polyurethane dispersions.

One driver in the market is growing application in automotive and industrial coatings. Polyurethane dispersions are used in many industrial applications where elastomeric properties, high abrasion resistance, and high extensibility at low temperature are required. Polyurethane dispersions are gaining momentum in coatings, especially in the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries, due to their high toughness, flexibility, and resistance. Polyurethane dispersions, when used in coatings, make them more durable, easy to use, and environment-friendly. Polyurethane dispersions also deliver good chemical and alkali resistance properties when used in paints and coatings.

Global Water-Based Polyurethane Dispersions Market: Key Players

Bayer, DSM, Chemtura, Lubrizol, BASF, Alberdingk Boley, Hauthaway, Stahl, Mitsui, UBE, DIC, Reichhold, Wanhua Chemical, Dow Chemical,

SiwoChem, SNP, Chase, VCM Polyurethanes are key players in Water-Based Polyurethane Dispersions market. Top 5 occupied about 41.5% market share in 2017.

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