North America knife sharpeners market share of 38.38% in 2017

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Knife Sharpener is s the process of making a knife or similar tool sharp by grinding against a hard, rough surface, typically stone, or a soft surface with hard particles. There are two type like electric knife sharpener and manual knife sharpener.It can be used in a wide variety of applications including residential and restaurant etc.


North America was the largest consumer market with a market share of 38.38% in 2017.Europe and China ranked the second and third markets with the market share of 29.83% and 3.77% in 2017.

Nowadays, the top three companies make up more than 16.50% market share of the Knife Sharpener market, and the world's large enterprises are mainly concentrated in Europe and USA. The top three manufacturers are Zwilling, Chef’s Choice, Presto. They respectively with global production market share as 1 7.13%, 5.30% , 4.07% in 2017.

The Knife Sharpener market has been increased in accordance with the economy development and the higher life level of the people. Meanwhile, the environmental awareness is an important factor of the increase of the industry. With the fierce competition of the market, the manufacturers are had better make sure that their product with high performance and quality, with the good services level. Following the market trends, access to greater competitive advantage, concerning more on their R&D and services to get a bigger market share.

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