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  • Global Astronomical Telescope Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 0.18% between 2017 and 2023


Astronomical telescope is an optical instrument used to view heavenly bodies such moon, stars, planets and distant objects. Astronomical telescope consists of two convex lenses: objective and eye piece. The objective is a convex lens of large focal length and large aperture. It usually made of two convex lenses in contact with each other to reduce the chromatic and spherical aberrations. The eye piece is also a convex lens .Its focal length is smaller than that of objective. It is also a combination of two lenses. For the telescopes with retail price below 300 $/unit, they are generally sold with a bracket. Brackets for this level of telescopes are generally manual operated, they are low-cost and won’t have big influence on the total cost of a telescope. But for telescopes of high-end, the cost of electric bracket or mount are quite high, these brackets or mounts are generally sold as accessories. In this report, we mainly account the cost and price of telescopes, bracket or mount not included.


Global Astronomical Telescope Market: Market Driver and Restraint

Threat of substitution is one factor of the porter’s five forces. As the development of Astronomical Telescope made by new techniques, the function of there are specific, safe and also all-round. The traditional single functioned products are slowly losing their market. High definition and easy to use will be Astronomical Telescope industry development direction. If manufacturers can truly consider the diversity and design of new technology, we believe that the Astronomical Telescope manufacturers will get a big market share in the device.

Global Astronomical Telescope Market: Forecast by Nature

This segment includes Refracting telescope, Reflector Telescope and Catadioptric telescope. Refracting telescope is expected to remain dominant in the Global Astronomical Telescope market throughout the forecast period with a revenue share of 54.01% in 2017.

Global Astronomical Telescope Market: Forecast by Application

Application segment consists of Enter-level Telescope, Advanced Astronomical Telescope Others and others. Enter-level Telescope was estimated to account for a volume share of over 61.16% in 2017 and to increase at a CAGR of 0.71% over the forecast period.

Global Astronomical Telescope Market: Key Players

Celestron, Meade, Bushnell, Bresser, ASTRO-PHYSICS, ORION, Barska, Vixen Optics, TAKAHASHI, Sky Watcher, Bosma, Visionking, TianLang and SharpSta, are the key vendors included in this report. 

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