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Asia-Pacific UHF RFID Inlay Market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 5.79 % between 2017 and 2025

Author: QYResearch | Publish date: 2018-08-18 | Views: 42
An inlay is consist of an antenna and a contactless-enabled microchip, inlay are the neurons of the RIFD brain. Generally, UHF presents the frequency band from 860 MHz to 960 MHz. This report is focus on the UHF RFID Inlay.


According to the report, Asia-Pacific revenue for UHF RFID Inlay was valued at $ 140.87 million in 2017, and is expected to generate revenue of $ 436.5 million by end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 15.18 % between 2017 and 2025. The unit market is projected to grow at a slightly faster pace than the dollar market, increasing from 2.9 billion units in 2017 to almost 11.4 billion units in 2025, a CAGR of 18.68 %.

Asia-Pacific UHF RFID Inlay Market: Market Driver and Restraint

There are fewer companies engaged in UHF RFID products, and the application of UHF RFID technology is increasing. UHF RFID Inlay in the retail of shoes and apparel will continue to dominate the market.

Asia-Pacific UHF RFID Inlay Market: Forecast by Application

This segment includes Retail, Asset Management/Inventory/Documents, Logistics and Others. There are three major applications, including Retail, Asset Management/Inventory/Documents and Logistics. Applications within these three segments make up about 97% consumption volume market share in the Asia-Pacific.

Asia-Pacific UHF RFID Inlay Market: Forecast by Form

This segment includes UHF Dry Inlay and UHF Wet Inlay.  On the basis of product type, the UHF Wet Inlay segment is projected to account for the largest volume market share during the forecast period; this segment was estimated to account for 89.10 % market share in 2017.

Asia-Pacific UHF RFID Inlay Market: Forecast by Region

In this study, the consumption region of UHF RFID Inlay divided into eight geographic regions. China is the largest consumption of UHF RFID Inlay, with a revenue market share nearly 50.87% in 2017.

Asia-Pacific UHF RFID Inlay Market: Key Players

SMARTRAC, XINDECO IOT, Invengo, Shang Yang RFID Technology, Avery Dennison Inc., INLAYLINK, D & H SMARTID, Alien Technology, Junmp Technology, NETHOM, Identiv and Sense Technology, are the key vendors included in this report.

Of the major players of UHF RFID Inlay in Asia-Pacific, SMARTRAC maintained its first place in the ranking in 2017. SMARTRAC accounted for 14.37% of the Asia-Pacific UHF RFID Inlay revenue market share in 2017. Top 3 players include SMARTRAC, XINDECO IOT and Invengo.

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